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Designing your Kitchen online with our Visual Planner is a piece of cake! You don't have to download or install any software or application and you can use it on PCs, tablets and smartphones.
Thanks to our Visual Planner you can design your custom kitchen, save it and get back to it in any moment; moreover you can view immediately the starting price of your kitchen! Once your project is complete, you can calculate a specific quote customizing the colours and material of every element and adding all the optional accessories you need.

If instead you are looking for a particular kitchen element, you can consult our Elements Catalogue.


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The blank page scares you? Browse the Demo Compositions proposed by our team of interior designers: choose the one that best suits you and modify it as you like to adapt it to your tastes and needs.
In a few minutes you'll be able to create your custom kitchen with no worries: our demo compositions includes all the necessary elements (sink module, cooker module, refrigerator, etc.), so that you won't forget anything! Moreover, if you don't want one or more of these elements, you are free to remove them from the design.


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To design a kitchen in the right way it is fundamental to begin from the pipes and drains measurements survey, so that you can define the measurements that your composition can have. It is also important to consider all the elements that can influence a design: the position of doors, windows, beams, pillars and other architectural constraints, as well as the position of the water and electrical system.
If you don't know where to start from, consult our Guides to the Measurements Surveys and to the Fixtures and Tiles to learn how to make a perfect measurements survey in no time.


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