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Arpa design extending table with marble, wood or glass top. Fixed version also available.


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Arpa is a design extending table with glass, wood or marble top, also available in two fixed measurements. Thanks to the possibility to choose among different models and measurements, Arpa is extremely functional and versatile. The choice of material, top colour, legs finish and rails finish (in the extending version) makes it a high customizable table suitable for different types of environments. Arpa unique design is given by it legs in curved wood.

fixed or extending table
slim top in glass, wood or marble
rails in three aluminium types (for versions with extensions)
legs in veneered or lacquered wood
unique and functional design

Specific Measurements
Table height:
cm 75 (the height of the table is the same for all versions and models)

Materials and Finishes
- lacquer
- wood veneer
- lacquer
- wood veneer
- glass
- marble
Extensions rails:
- aluminium metal / lacquered aluminium metal

Information for your Quote

When choosing model and measurements, please note that the fixed table has a shaped rectangular top, meaning that it has slightly convex sides with rounded corners.

Interior Designer's Opinion

The Interior Designer's Opinion
The bold design of the legs in heat-curved plywood is the distinctive character of a table with an elegant and refined design. The curving treatment generates a noteworthy support, with the maximum curvature point touching the floor; the outcome of the process is a harmony of forms inspired by the music world that materializes into a product with high visual impact.
Moreover, Arpa can assume different styles in order to adapt to different environments. The menu with its many options available offers many combinations; the possibilities offered allow you to create single-colour or contrasting combinations, especially thanks to the alternatives available for the top. The structure is available in lacquered or veneered wood, which you can combined with a top in glass, in different colours, in wood, matching or in contrast with the legs, and in marble, which in turn allows you to choose the stone type and a matt or glossy treatment. For the extending version there are three aluminium rails alternatives.

A combination of white lacquered legs and a matching or contrasting wooden top is particularly suitable for classic environments, while a combination with glass tops is ideal for modern and bright environments. The juxtaposition of a marble top and legs in walnut or oak is perfect for environments with a refined style, where the table as the centrepiece of the room has to enhance the environment decorating it with valuable materials. The extending versions are only available with glass top.

Technical study

Modello e Dimensioni Specifiche
Spessore piano vetro: mm 12
Spessore piano legno e marmo: mm 20
Spessore piano gres porcellanato: mm 16/12 per la versione allungabile
Spessore piano ceramica: mm 11

Per saperne di più...
Piano in gres porcellanato: è costituito dall'accoppiamento di una lastra inferiore di vetro di spessore mm 10 e di una lastra superiore di ceramica di spessore mm 6.
Il gres porcellanato è un materiale compatto, ingelivo, ovvero resistente al gelo, e resistente agli attacchi chimici. Esteriormente le caratteristiche di maggior pregio del materiale sono le variazioni cromatiche, di venatura e le lievi puntinature: queste sono diversificazioni volute appositamente per ricreare la casualità e la bellezza dei materiali naturali.

Piano in ceramica: è costituito dall'accoppiamento di una lastra di vetro inferiore di spessore mm 8 e di una lastra superiore di Laminam® di spessore mm 3.
Laminam® è una lastra di ceramica e vetro molto sottile realizzata con tecnologie avanzate, in modo da unire uno spessore ridotto ad un'elevata resistenza alle sollecitazioni meccaniche, ai prodotti chimici, all'usura, ai graffi, all'abrasione profonda ed alla flessione. Facilmente igienizzabile, resiste al gelo, al fuoco, alle muffe ed all'azione dei raggi UV, è un materiale rivoluzionario ed ecocompatibile: materie prime naturali, tecnologia sostenibile, prodotti interamente riciclabili.

Piano in vetro: viene utilizzato temperato secondo normativa UNI, si tratta di un vetro che, dopo essere stato riscaldato ad alta temperatura, viene bruscamente raffreddato, al fine di ottenere vetro con forti tensioni interne, che diviene resistente alla flessione ed allo shock termico. A garanzia di una maggiore qualità, inoltre, si verificano ad uno ad uno i vetri servendosi di uno scanner digitale ad altissima precisione.

Piano in legno: viene realizzato con piallaccio di vero legno o elementi in legno massello. Per ottenere un effetto estetico di grande pregio e design, vengono utilizzate solo le parti migliori.

Additional Information

Area of Production
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Technical Schemes
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Seat Number
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This article is manufactured by a Venetian company, which has been creating pieces of furniture with a refined and innovative Italian design for thirty years and exporting it worldwide. The attention for details, the trends and modern shapes are the characteristics upon which the handicraft items of this company are designed and created. Each product is thought, designed and manufactured in Italy. Starting from the tradition of classical furniture, in which field this company took its first steps, the products have been evolving in furniture items characterized by an essential, volatile, almost evanescent design as to shapes and colours. These items take inspiration from natural shapes and they materialize in fluid and original lines, which are suitable to furnish a young and contemporary house..
Modern living room furniture: tables, chairs, coffee tables, console tables, bookcases, storage units

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