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Designing 3D Studio: a tailor-made proposal for a space tailored to your needs.


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The studio is the type of home that can easily be improved by a rational decor. Furnish a studio rationally means, in addition to offering an optimization spaces, achieving the high-level results from the aesthetic point of view.
It is in the 'furnishing a studio that the service of 3D design professional can make the most difference in terms of the final result also apply to professionals furnishing and design allows you to get a real cost savings, both on the facility on' furniture.

Service Design Studio

Modello in Bianco e Nero The 3D model was created from the information planimetric environment and allows us to study the spaces and volumetric aspects of the kitchen. Through the model can move in the rooms, take measurements and move objects and elements, by printing it without textures can also be colored in the traditional way.

Modello a Colori Con Materiali They are then identified the hallmarks of 'design concept, which are reflected in the arrangement of furniture and choice of materials: everything following the directions that the customer provides us with the form of the project in order to meet and satisfy all their needs.

Render Fotorealistico From the complete 3D model is obtained a 'high-resolution photo-realistic image of the studio: a "window into the future" photographing your kitchen is complete before it is put into production furniture.
You can create images in jpg format of all the views that you will want to "photograph" to share your photos in a universal format viewable by all computers.


- The Scheme of Technical Equipment is a service offered to the co-ordination of furniture with plumbing, electrical and installation of wall coverings. The Scheme Plant is sent by mail, complete with dimensions and technical symbols. The positioning of the attacks must be verified by a plumber / electrician certificates: our advice in this regard concerns the fact the compatibility between plants and decor.

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