Arrow Partition

Partition panel for Arrow desk front and sides available in two models and many widths and finishes.


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Partition panel for Arrow desk available for countertop or undermount fastening. The undermount dividing screen consists in a panel that protrudes below the top, and it's fastened to it with aluminium painted hidden brackets. The countertop model, instead, has different fastening systems depending on its position: the front panel requires adequate hardware, while the side one is equipped with aluminium supports.

Please Note: in case of workstations composed of more Arrow desks, the undermount partition can't be used in a side position.

The partition panels make it possible to organise the desks, guaranteeing the users privacy, and at the same time can be customised in many colours and finishes, allowing you to adapt them to the office environment.

Model and Measurements
Models: countertop, undermount
Height: cm 35,6
The undermount partition has a total height of cm 49,6.

Materials and Finishes
- melamine
- fabric

Additional Information

Area of Production
Easy Assembling
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This product is manufactured by a company from Veneto founded in 1995 and specialized in the production of office furniture systems. It is a dynamic company that initially aimed at the international market, but then decided to enter the national market too.
Starting from furniture for operative environments, it has expanded its area of interest developing management systems, solutions for assembly rooms and receptions, partition walls and wall systems.

The aim of this company is to create functional and comfortable working environments, practical and ergonomic pieces of furniture, spaces in line with the new trends and technologies.

This company is also particularly environmentally conscious. Thanks to its carefully selected raw materials, its monitored manufacturing, packing and waste disposal processes, it has obtained ISO international certifications.

Office desks, wardrobes, chest of drawers and cabinets for the workplace

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