Plados Undermount Sinks

Plados undermount sinks in several microUltragranit colours; available in different shapes and measurements from One line.



Out kitchens can be equipped with Plados undermount sinks in microUltragranit, available in different models and colours from One line. The mixer tap is not included.


Sink with 1 small bowl
Measurements: cm 41 p.45
Recess measurements: cm 33,8 d.39,8
Bowl measurements: cm 34 d.40

Sink with 1 medium bowl
Measurements: cm 56 p.45
Recess measurements: cm 48,8 d.39,8
Bowl measurements: cm 49 d.40

Sink with 1 medium bowl (for cm 80 sink cabinet)
Measurements: cm 60 p.45
Recess measurements: cm 52,8 d.39,8
Bowl measurements: cm 53 d.40

Sink with 1 big bowl
Measurements: cm 76 p.45
Recess measurements: cm 68,8 d.39,8
Bowl measurements: cm 69 d.40

Sink with 2 independent bowls
Overall measurements: cm 89 (41 + 7 + 41) d.45
Recess measurements of the single bowl: cm 33,8 d.39,8
Single bowl measurements: cm 34 d.40

Please note: the sink can be purchased in the product card of the Sink Module.

Technical study

Arredaclick KitchensMicroUltragranit is a composite material characterized by a high surface concentration: more than the 80% of quartz and granites micro-particles created by a sophisticated sedimentation process during printing.

No stains
MicroUltragranit chemical characteristics make Plados sinks perfectly resistant to the daily action of corrosive substances and foods. Thanks to its non-porous surfaces, dirt and stains do not damage the sink and can be easily removed with only water.

No scratches
The high percentage of mineral filler in the blend, makes the MicroUltragranit incredibly resistant to scratches and use. Its surface hardness makes it resistant to impacts, protecting it from breaking and chipping due to accidental hits.

The numerous tests made by independent institutes guarantee the suitability of Plados sinks to get in contact with food.

MicroUltragranit endures thermal shocks and high temperatures: it withstands up to 280° without permanent damages.

It's colour doesn't fade
Thanks to its resistance to ultraviolet rays, MicroUltragranit colours do not change through time, keeping their tone bright and lively.

Heat-insulating and soundproof
MicroUltragranit can keep the water heated longer than the sinks made of other materials, and muffles the water stream reducing its noise.

Sink hole
All Plados sinks are already pierced in the back to assemble the mixer tap. To complete the piercing correctly we recommend to use a core drill mm Ø 35-37, to place on the hole already existing. Since it is made on the back, this hole does not undermine the linear look of the sink making it ideal also for a wall mounted mixer tap, when the sink won't have to be pierced at all.