020 - System 901 Modular Kitchen

- Cabinets and Columns: White Saw-cut
- Wall Units: White Saw-cut
- Structure: In Door finish
- Top: Taupe Laminate



The kitchen shown in the image is a melamine bespoke kitchen with floor cabinets, columns and wall units in white saw-cut and top in taupe laminate with straight unicolor edge. The melamine saw-cut is a finish very easy to maintain and clean while at the same time able to confer a young and informal look to an important environment such as a kitchen. In this layout the slightly darker tone of the top is able to give a touch of colour to a neutral structure, together with the hood, handles and oven front. The wall mounted hood balances the straight line of the wall units, making the composition lighter and perfect for every kind of space.

System 901 is a versatile collection, granting the possibility to custom cut your own bespoke kitchen for shapes, measurements and colours.
The composition shown in photo is an example, to customise your own bespoke kitchen click on the "Design your Kitchen" button.

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