010 - System 901 Modular Kitchen

- Cabinets and Columns: White Saw-cut
- Wall Units: White Saw-cut
- Structure: In Door finish
- Top: Dax White Laminate



The kitchen shown in the image is a white modular composition. The floor cabinets and columns are in white saw-cut finish and they are matched with a dax white laminated top with straight unicolor edge. The melamine saw-cut finish is a modern solution, young and informal. The use of this melamine on all front surfaces is balanced by a design visible hood, oven and handles in different materials and finishes for a contrasting effect. The white colour is sober and elegant; to make the environment brighter you simply have to choose some accessories and details in lively colours.

System 901 allows to customise the kitchen according to your tastes, spaces and needs.
You can change measurements, materials, colours and positions of the single elements; choose among different handle models and finishes, hood, appliances and sink; opt for corner or linear solutions, add a peninsula or an isle.
The composition shown in photo is an example, to customise your own bespoke kitchen click on the "Design your Kitchen" button.

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