Atlantic Bathroom Top

Top for bathroom elements belonging to Atlantic collection, available in several finishes.


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Top for bathroom elements belonging to Atlantic collection available in a wide range of finishes and thicknesses, in this way it can be adapted to every taste and need.
The top can be used on cabinets, columns and wall units; in case of compositions of more elements this will come in one single piece.
We recommend the use of the top for columns and wall units which are visible from above, to increase the elegance of the item.

available in 7 widths and 4 depths
wide range of finishes
mandatory on cabinets, optional on columns and wall units
optional splashback for stone or glass tops

Materials and Finishes
- melamine
- matt and glossy lacquer
- wood veneer
- glass
- stone
- resin

Information for your Purchase
The top protrudes by 1 cm on the front and 0,5 cm on the side compared to the base, column or wall unit. In case of compositions, the top will be a single one.
The top with a depth of cm 21,8 (for elements d.20,8) are only available in melamine, lacquer and wood.
Top measuring cm 85, 95, 105 are not available for a depth of cm 63.

Technical study

Optional Elements
Splashback: a complement to the bathroom cabinet with stone or glass top; particularly suitable for uneven walls and to be combined with leaning mirrors.

Maintenance Tips
Top in Melamine: simply use neutral liquid detergents to clean. To get rid of limescale stains clean with anti-limescale or vinegar soaked sponge, then rinse and dry. Do not use acid, abrasive powder or products; do not leave anti-limescale products on the top for long as they may leave rings.
Top in Lacquer: use soft and not abrasive rags to avoid damaging the surface. Do not use products with solvent, acetone and abrasive, or wax, alcohol and silicone-based products
Top in Wood: “living” material with protective painted cover; use soft, not abrasive and dump rags to clean. It is recommended to clean following the wood grain and then dry with care.
Top in Glass: do not use acid (anti-limescale) or basic (bleach, caustic soda) products; use either neutral or glass-cleaning detergents. Avoid putting objects that may scratch the surface or release/absorb substances in the environment. It comes with neutral silicone, specific for glass.
Top in Stone: to avoid stains readily clean with a dump rag or neutral detergents. It is recommended to use neutral detergents.
Top in Eco-cement: it has a naturally porous surface; quickly remove the stains using water and detergents (50/50). To make the surface waterproof and stain-resistant, it has to be covered with a water-based, water repellent and stain-proof acrylic paint.
Top in Tëkorstone: to remove most of the stains, limestone or dirt, simply use water with soap or common slightly abrasive detergents with a cotton cloth or a slightly abrasive sponge, and be sure to rinse with care the surface. Avoid to put hot objects on the surface. Some substances like cosmetics and dye might stain the surface if left there for a while.

For more information...
Gres: grès stoneware is the result of a water and clay mixture that, through the extrusion process, changes into a plate with extraordinary mechanic properties. The vitrification closes the orifices and guarantees the highest resistance to water and stains.
Eco-cement: premixed powder made of one component with hydraulic alloy, inert and resin. After being mixed with water and having solidified, it is free of toxic and detrimental elements for men and environment. Moreover, it is a material that does not burn or produce polluting emissions when in contact with fire.
Tëkorstone: mineral mixture coated with a resin film to increase the physical and chemical resistance of the material; it can resist heat up to 160° C.

Additional Information

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This bathroom furniture is a 100% Italian product made by a company from the province of Pordenone that started in the field during the 90s. Initially oriented towards the production of classic and modern bathrooms, it grew throughout the years earning national and international fame in the water and sanitary system as well. The company headquarters cover 16.500 square metres and are equipped with innovative machinery. Its business is characterised by the high quality standard of the materials employed, studied and renovated every year to follow the latest fashion. The solid wood comes from forests that follow regularised policies regarding tree cutting and all the other materials are either recycled or recyclable. Every productive phase takes place inside the company itself in order to guarantee the highest monitoring level.

The company creates its personal models but still focuses on the needs of modern housings in terms of space and taste. Moreover, the modular nature of the products allows for high customisable projects. It is possible to widen the initial composition with additional accessories and equipment in every moment. The wide collection and the colour range offered cover several different styles and types of environment: from a more elegant and refined bathroom to an original design, from soft and natural shades to pastel colours. Cabinets with drawers and baskets placed under the basin, wall-hung drawers, columns to store linen or beauty products, dressing tables of the most diverse shapes: the bathroom vanities of this collection are thought to satisfy every need.

Bathroom Furniture

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