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Aliseo bespoke sofa with low big armrests; available linear, corner and with chaise longue. High, thin metal feet for a contemporary style.


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Aliseo is a bespoke sofa with low big armrests, soft cushions and high feet. Available as a linear, with chaise longue, with dormeuse or with meridienne corner; thanks to its modularity it well adapts to any kind of environment, small rooms or big open spaces.
The upholstery cover can be removed, both in fabric and faux-leather, and it is characterised by pinched seams in relief.

Aliseo is very eclectic, thanks to the different colours and textures available you can create different styles from young contemporary ones to more elegant and traditional solutions maybe by opting for neutral tones.

Quality and Value
wide range of models available
optional two-tone upholstery cover and feet in different finishes
the single elements can be assembled together in few simple steps
high minimalist base for an extremely modern look
ideal for underfloor heating thanks to the base with holes allowing the constant passage of air
eco-friendly: all the materials can be recycled

Models and Measurements
- linear, with chaise longue, with dormeuse, with meridienne corner
Armrest width: cm 24
- sofa: cm 97
- seat: cm 61
- backrest: cm 80
- seat: cm 44
- armrests: cm 60

Materials and Finishes
- fabric, faux-leather (removable cover)

Technical study

Material Specifications
StructureStructure: armrest and backrest in low formaldehyde emission wood chipboard with fillers in wood fibre and fir solid wood, fixed with bolts to the base panel, the panel has holes to allow the fixing of cushions and armrests.
Panel in birch plywood (30 mm thick) made by using heated glue and by pressing the different wood laminas in a crossed pattern. The benefits are: high resistance, maximum lightness and flexibility. A painted metal bar is applied on the panel through bolts, this strengthens the base and avoid the use of an additional middle feet, usually not very pretty to look at.


Padding: all paddings are made of crushproof polyurethane foam, they do not contain SVHC matters and they are certified to be non-toxic. Seat cushions are in D30S crushproof expanded polyurethane, 32 of density; seat cushions are in D18S, 18 of density; armrests in D30, 30 of density. The whole sofa is covered with a 350 gr layer made of needled felt and 100% polyester blend, covered by an additional cover fixed to the structure with a 100% polyester resin. Padding


Feet: chromed metal or painted feet, including anti-slip rubbers.


Technical Specifications and Equipment
You can quickly assemble the sofa by paying attention to few simple tricks. The seat cushion can be moved so you can remove and apply the cover and it can go back to the initial position thanks to an insert placed on the base; the different sofa elements can be assembled though a hook placed under the seat cushions, you can easily reach them to adjust them with ease.

AssemblingThe particular holes on the wood base allow a constant ventilation on the cushions, useful for the hygiene and maintenance of padded elements, furthermore they allow heat diffusion in case of underfloor heating. High metal feet make the cleaning under the sofa easier.


For more information...
Aliseo sofa is to be considered an eco-friendly product as it can be disassembled in its main components (wood, metal, fabrics and padding), thanks to the choice of using mechanic fittings like hooks, screws and bolts instead of glue.
Of the materials used, a good percentage is potentially recyclable: for example the plywood and chipboard panels can be recycled to make other particle wood panels; expanded polyurethane parts can be mashed to obtain a mixture to use in low quality sheets (back of rugs, shoes, gym mats and so on...); polyester paddings, fabrics and natural fibres can be used to produce new recycled fibres; aluminium and steel have a consolidated recycling cycle thus reducing the use of raw materials coming directly from mines.


Additional Information

Area of Production
Not exportable to the United Kingdom or EIRE
Easy Assembling
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This product is manufactured by a company set in Friuli region (Northern east of Italy) specialised in the production of upholstered product for more than 20 years. Their catalogue gathers padded items for the sitting and bedroom such as linear sofas, corner sofas or sofas with chaise longue together with single or double beds in fabric, eco-leather or leather. The wide variety of products and the several covers available make these products highly bespoke.

The production is entirely made in Italy by the hands of skilled artisans that work at the same time with an industrial perspective by using modern techniques and high quality materials: from microfibres to natural yarns like cotton, linen, stain-resistant fabrics, fireproof or flame-retardant. This company belongs to Livenza furniture district certified by Emas which guarantees eco-friendly manufacturing procedures.

Valuable sofas and upholstered beds

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