Birba Bed Accessories

Birba bed accessories for the kid's bedroom; ideal to make the environment more functional and full of spirit.


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Birba presents a collection of functional accessories to combine with the bed for the kid's bedroom.
Textile accessories include upholstered safety bed rail, roll cushions, an upholstered mattress cover and cushions for the backrest, very comfortable even when the bed is used as sofa. The roll cushions are available in six different lengths to suit every need.
The accessories collection includes also the wall panels, available in three versions: linear, shaped and tufted. Specifically, these panels adapt perfectly to the length of Birba bed. Other than providing more safety and protection from hard and cold surfaces, they create a colourful and bold frame around the bed, brightening the room up. The wide range of fabrics and colours available, guarantees high customizability and quality.

safety bed rail to be more safe
six different Roll cushions, available as singles or in pairs
set composed of upholstered mattress cover and soft and wide backrest cushions for the best comfort
slightly upholstered mattress cover for the best seating comfort

Model and Measurements
Models: safety bed rail, storage ottoman, roll cushions, upholstered mattress cover, backrest cushions and upholstered mattress cover, wall panels.
Width and Depth: view the available measurements in the Technical Characteristics tab.

Materials and Finishes
- fabric, faux leather (removable)

Technical study

Birba Accessories Model

Model Measurements    
Roll Cushion (single or pair) Ø cm 20 x 60/80/90/95/100/120    
Safety Bed Rail cm 86 x 32    
Upholstered Mattress Cover cm 80 x 190 / cm 80 x 200 / cm 90 x 190 / cm 90 x 200    
Backrest Cushions (with upholstered mattress cover) cm 190 x 24 h.47 / cm 200 x 24 h.47    
Wall Panels cm 87 x 200 / cm 87 x 210    


Technical Specifications
Roll cushion (single): you can select a model among the six versions available, available in fabric or leather.
Roll cushion (pair): you can choose two cushions with the same measurements, available in fabric or faux leather.
Safety bed rail: one measurement with the right proportions to guarantee the right safety, it is available in fabric or faux leather.
Upholstered mattress cover: available in fabric or faux leather. 100% polyester sheet upholstery to guarantee the best comfort.
Backrest cushions: to be combined with the upholstered mattress cover, they complete Birba bed when used as sofa. Their flared and upholstered shape, guarantees the best position for your back.
Wall panels: in three different versions (linear, shaped and tufted), they are available in two measurements to adapt perfectly to the length of the bed chosen (cm 200 or cm 210). Standard height of cm 87, the shaped panel has a maximum height of cm 87 and a minimum height of cm 21.

Additional Information

Area of Production
Brianza, Triveneto
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