Brera display case with frames by Caimi Brevetti. For offices, stores or houses. Available in several models; wall or ceiling mounted.

Product Name Price Quantity
A4 cornice espositore Bianco
A4 cornice espositore Nero
A3 cornice espositore Bianco
A3 cornice espositore Nero
Per FISSAGGIO: 4 attacchi (2 sopra e 2 sotto) + 2 cavi da 4 m (vedi schema A)
Per APPENSIONE: 2 attacchi (solo sopra) + 2 cavi da 4 m + 2 pesi (vedi schema B)
Per APPENSIONE semplice: 2 cavi 4 m (vedi schema C)

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Exhibitor frames hanging in office, shops or home Brera model of Caimi Brevetti complete with fixing kit or appensione. The frames are made of polycarbonate with two sheets of transparent containment PET and can be mounted on the strings through the holes in the 4 corners or simply supported to a plane that is horizontal in a vertical position.
The images or communications by exposing fit inside the two sheets of PET that can be fitted easily snap inside the frame. The exhibitor has two latches high-tech polymer that allow you to easily adjust the height of the exhibitor when mounted on rope by simply pressing the button on the stationary and moving it along the rope.

practical mechanism for fixing the sliding frames
Frames can also be used in support
usable with both sides visible as a partition

Model and Size
- A4: 35.5 x 27 cm
- A3: 47.5 x 35.5 cm
Depth: 4 cm common to all models

Materials and Finishes
- Polycarbonate
Connections / Cables:
- Polymer silver gray
- Galvanized steel

Technical study

Specifications and Equipment
Kit for wall fixing comprising:
- 4 attacks
- 2 wires of 4 m each, can be cut to desired

Recommended for:
- Wall mounting
- Fixing floor / ceiling
- Fixing wall / floor
- Fixing ceiling / wall

Appensione kit comprising:
- 2 attacks
- 2 weights (to maintain in the vertical composition of frames)
- 2 wires of 4 m each, can be cut to desired

Recommended for:
- Wall mounting
- Ceiling Fixture

Kit appensione simple comprising:
- 2 wires of 4 m each, can be cut to desired

Recommended for:
- Fixing to the wall, through the use of hooks and nails (not supplied)

Additional Information

Area of Production
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This item is manufactured by Caimi Brevetti, one of the most design-oriented company within the furniture field. Its catalogue mainly includes office furniture such as coat hangers and lamps, chairs and stools, bookcases, filing cabinets and partition panels, waste baskets and ashtrays.The company has been founded in 1949 and from the start its philosophy has been based on three main concepts: research, experimentation and technology innovation. The several registered patents acquired underline even more the design and quality of their products. Caimi Brevetti works with a team of professionals composed by architects, designers and technicians. All together they contribute to produce items which are perfect for working environments, respect the well being and safety of the workers and come at the same time with a high aesthetic value. Each phase of the manufacturing process is constantly checked and supervised to increase the quality, optimise the production and keep down costs.
Caimi Brevetti style is highly recognisable: essential yet refined, for furniture items which convey at best the concept of industrial design. This company also keeps an eye on the assembling and disassembling phases, simple and essential procedures to ease Customers assembling steps and allow a swifter rearrangement of the product.

Caimi Brevetti

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