Buvette Tablecloth

Buvette tailored tablecloth, rectangular, round and square for every size of table; customizable fabric, hem and length.


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Buvette is a collection of tailored tablecloths for tables of any shape and size. The fabrics and colours available are varied: cotton, Flanders fabric and linen, also in the version that does not require ironing; the hem and length of the edge can be customized to suit your taste.
Elegance and tailoring give life to Buvette table linen: the collection includes also napkins, runner and placemats for a table elegantly prepared and perfectly coordinated. The widest chances of customization guarantee a flawless mise en place for every occasion.

Quality and Value
tailor made tablecloth for a complete customization
available in a variety of fabrics and colours
simple hem, with drawstring or à jour
different lengths of the edge
also available napkins, runners and placemats from the same collection

Materials and Finishes
- cotton, linen, Flanders fabric

Information For Your Quote
The tablecloth will be made based on the size of your table considering the chosen length of the edge. For rectangular tablecloths select the range corresponding to the desired size and insert into the text field the actual size of the table.
The tablecloth will have a rectangular shape also for oval and elliptical tables.

Interior Designer's Opinion

The Interior Designer's Opinion
The online collection of Buvette custom made ​​tablecloths allows you to meet the most different needs and tastes thanks to the endless customization options, starting with the size, the fabrics available, the colours and the hems.
Buvette tablecloths are tailor made and ideal for any occasion, dressing a classic or informal table. In the first case, we recommend high-quality materials such as linen and Flanders fabric, finished with drawstring hem or à jour embroidery and with a length of the edge of 35 or 40 cm for a tablecloth coming with a traditional taste. Flanders fabric range of colours focuses on classic shades such as white, ivory, cream and bordeaux, whereas the colours of linen range from typical natural nuances to boldest colours like blue, mustard yellow, pistachio green or strawberry red.
For a more young and informal style, ideal is a "No Ironing" linen tablecloth, a very modern refined fabric which is at the same time extremely practical thanks to the fact that it does not require ironing, finding its beauty in a wrinkled and rustic effect; in this case it is preferable a simple hem which emphasizes the naturalness of the material and a length of the edge of 30 cm. The colours are mainly light, pastel tones in perfect shabby chic style.
 Panama fabric in 100% cotton is perfect for the kitchen and every day use, available in many bright colours, with simple hem or drawstring in matching or contrast colour, it is machine washable at 40 °.

Technical study

Model and Specific Measurements
Simple, Drawstring, à Jour Hem: 3 cm
Length of the Edge: cm 30 / 35 / 40


Materials Characteristics
Panama: 100% cotton
Linen: 100% linen; the texture may present "small knots" due to the natural feature of the material itself.
Airo No Ironing Linen: 100% linen with special treatment donating to the product a rustic look. In order to maintain its look through time we recommend not to iron the tablecloth after washing it. The texture may present "small knots" due to the natural feature of the material itself.
Flanders fabric: 100% cotton, available in Rose or Diamond pattern, both tone on tone.

Additional Information

Area of Production
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diotti.com bed and table linen is produced by an historic tailor shop set in the heart of Brianza district, operating since the beginning of the 20th Century. The best Italian tailoring tradition for a valuable collection of house linen characterized by high quality materials and manufacturing techniques: cotton, linen, Flanders fabric, satin, all available in a wide range of colours and "custom-cut" according to the customer's specific requests.

diotti.com is a collection of modern house furniture: high degree of customization, design and 100% Made in Italy manufacturing quality are matched together in unique furniture solutions, contemporary in their design and reliable through time.
diotti.com is the only home design brand available exclusively online: convenient, transparent, always reachable and with the best value for money.

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