Round Table

Domino table with decorated legs in a rectangular or round version. Round top with optional customized serigraphy.


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Tavolo con Gambe Decorate Domino The Domino table with legs decorated is available in round, with a diameter of 160 cm, and rectangular, 250 x 100 cm. Both versions are characterized by the legs decorated in painted sheet metal and perforated.
The round version, with central base, is distinguished by the glass available in clear or satin and silk-screened. The screen takes up the geometric pattern of the decoration of the legs.
The Domino table in a rectangular version has a base formed by 4 legs in perforated plate and lacquered. The wooden top can be in wood or lacquered finish.
The legs decorated by perforation of sheet metal, in particular of the round table with glass top, they offer an interesting play of empty and full that, in turn, create some fascinating play of light and shadow.

Model and Size
- Rectangular: cm 250 x 100
Schema Posti Tavolo - Round: Ø 160 cm
Height: 75 cm

- Wood (wood or lacquered wood essences)
- Glass (clear or frosted)

Structure Finish
- White
- Red
- Aluminum
- Black

Piano Finish Wooden (only for rectangular table)
- Types of wood
- Lacquered wood
To view the detailed finishes and colors, please click on the icon at the top "View Samples" and enter the code in the appropriate field text color.

Finish Glass Screen-printed - RAL code (only round table)
You can choose the color for the screen that will customize the Domino table between the wide range of colors offered by the RAL scale .

Additional Information

Area of Production
Easy Assembling
Cubic Metres
0,5 m³
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The manufacturer of this article is based in the province of Siena and has a ten years experience in the furniture business. After being on the market for a long time as an artisan workshop specialised in steel tubular structures for furniture, the manufacturer has been able to create a successful combination of tradition, technological innovation and design.
The unique style allows this company to present itself as a leading company in the production of modern-looking, contemporary furniture.
The products range from tables, chairs, stools, to armchairs, sofas and bookcases. The leitmotiv is the use of materials such as aluminium, steel and metal to obtain original shapes and characteristics.The care for details and finishes are additional aspects that this company is keen on by manufacturing design furniture.

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