Element with doors and drawers for Wide 61,2 cm deep wardrobes. Equipped with handle, push-pull or recess grip.


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Element with doors and drawers for Wide collection hinged wardrobes coming with a width of 61,2 cm.
This element is available in several measurements and layouts, with door, lower basket and a number of drawers going from 1 to 4. Wide is highly customisable thanks to a wide range of finishes available either melamine and matt lacquered.

practical and functional element with handle or recess grip
available in different measurements and layout with door, basket and drawers
equipped with soft closing system and a 3,5 cm thick internal shelf
ideal in modern and refined living or bedrooms

Width: cm 46,5 / 54,2 / 75,2 / 95,2 / 110,6
Height: cm h.229,5 / 255,1 / 290,3
- wardrobe: cm d.61,2
- structure: cm d.59
- internal side: cm d.58,2

Materials and Finishes
- melamine (elm and oak with vertical grains)
- matt lacquer
Handle and Recess Grip:
- painted metal
- lacquered metal
Internal Side:
- melamine

Information for your Purchase
The position of the element with doors and drawers can be independent, beginning, central or final compared to one or two wardrobes with hinged doors. In order to calculate the total space taken by the composition you simply need to add the element width to the one of the hinged wardrobe.

Technical study

Materials Specifications
Doors, sides, partitions, top, backs, internal shelves: made of particle wood panels - class E1 for low formaldehyde emission.

Technical Specifications and Equipment
Sides and Partitions: thickness cm 2,2. Equipped with levelling feet inserted in the structure (cm 0,5 empty, to be added to the overall height of the wardrobe) and adjustable cm 1 from the inside.
Top:cm 2,2 thick equipped with fixing joints.
Bottom: thick equipped with fixing joints.
Backrest: thickness cm 0,8.
Internal shelf: cm 3,5 thick equipped with fixing joints.
Door: cm 2,2 thick equipped with soft closing mechanism. It features a handle or a full-height recess grip: white or titanium painted metal or in several matt lacquered metal finish.
Drawer: cm 2,2 thick, cm 15,7 high equipped with soft closing mechanism and full extension runners. It features an horizontal handle or recess grip (the first drawer next to the shelf does not have a recess grip but a handle built-in the lower side): white or titanium painted metal or in several matt lacquered metal finishes.
Basket: thickness cm 2,2 height cm 31,7 equipped with soft closing system. It features an horizontal handle or recess grip: white, titanium painted metal or in several matt lacquered metal finishes.
- push-pull
- Ellie: cm 14,8 d.2,2 h.2,5. White or titanium painted, matt lacquer.
- Katy: cm 12,3 d.2,2 h.3. White or titanium painted, matt lacquer.
- Z: cm 31,3 d.1,8 h. 0,9. Brushed steel finish, white or titanium painted, matt lacquer.
- Hobby: cm Ø 2,2 d.2,2. White or titanium painted, matt lacquer.
- Ponte: cm 32,6 d.2,7 h.1,2. Brushed steel, white or titanium painted, matt lacquer.

Assembling Tips
In order to assemble the structure you need:
- in width cm 4
- in height cm 2,5 (cm 0,5 for the adjustable feet + cm 2 for the assembling). In case you select the optional lighting system the cm becomes 3,5.

Additional Information

Area of Production
Medium Assembling
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This is an Italian product, born from the experience and manufacturing excellence of a company which has been working in the furniture field since the 50s. A brand from Veneto region, internationally renowned and present in 81 countries worldwide with 500 stores. Its wide catalogue allows to furnish your entire house: wall systems, sideboards, tables and coffee table for the living area; beds, dressers and nightstands, wardrobes and walk-in closets for the night area.

Made in Italy quality is one of this company strengths: all furniture items are designed and manufactured in Italy, and undergo constant quality controls throughout the whole production process. Each item has been created directly from the experience and skill of a variety of designers and craftsmen: a custom made production relying on carefully selected products, and technologies and innovation always up to date. All the steps of the manufacturing process are carried out with utmost environment friendly techniques. This renown company produces high quality furniture able to last through time maintaining its original look and characteristics, and most of all to adapt to the lifestyles and trends of the models, becoming thus suitable for all kinds of houses.

Made in Italy quality furniture for your house living and night areas

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