Table Linens

  • Buvette tailored tablecloth

    Buvette Tablecloth

    Starting from €86.00

    Buvette tailored tablecloth, rectangular, round and square for every size of table; customizable fabric, hem and length.

  • Set of Buvette napkins in Linen with drawstring hem

    Buvette Napkins

    Starting from €49.00

    Set of five Buvette napkins to match with tablecloth, runners and placemats of the same collection, variety of fabrics.

  • Buvette table runner in no-ironing Airo linen with simple hem

    Buvette Table Runner

    Starting from €40.00

    Buvette table runner, available in linen, cotton, no-ironing Airo linen or damask. It can be matched to the tablecloths and table linen from the same collection.

  • Buvette set of four placemats - Panama fabric model with drawstring hem

    Buvette Placemats

    Starting from €98.00

    Buvette set of four placemats available in linen, cotton or damask linen with customisable hem.