Shoe Racks / Storage Units

Storage Units and Shoe Racks for every room. Wall mounted units, on casters or floor standing; with drawers, doors or open compartments. Shoe racks in different sizes and materials.
  • Almond desk chest of drawers by HomePlaneur


    Starting from €207.35

    Almond desk chest of drawers with casters for offices; available in laminate or lacquer.

  • Contenitore multiuso Andy di Emporium in metacrilato trasparente con 4 vani


    Starting from €400.95

    Andy multipurpose storage unit with casters by Emporium made of clear methacrylate and with different compartments.

  • Pair of Atlantic shoe cabinets with 2 hinged doors h. cm 119,3 + base h.10 in dark elm melamine


    Starting from €215.46

    Atlantic shoe cabinet with drop down or hinged doors in laminate or lacquer available in 7 models, also as a column shoe rack.

  • Cambridge storage cabinet with reduced depth


    Starting from €244.14

    Cambridge storage cabinet with reduced depth available with hinged or sliding door, ideal for narrow spaces.

  • Contenitore multiuso Conico di Emporium - ideale come portabiancheria


    Starting from €82.71

    Conico multi-purpose storage unit by Emporium in white polypropylene with wooden cap; suitable also for any kind of environment to store linens.

  • Dama shoe rack with 5 mirrored drop-down doors - width cm 65 - 30 shoes capacity


    Starting from €187.80

    Dama shoe rack with 5 drop-down doors in a mirror or wooden finish. Also available with 2 or 3 doors in different heights and widths, with a depth of cm 26.

  • El Baúl design storage unit by Magis

    El Baúl

    Starting from €377.13

    El Baúl design storage unit by Magis, Me Too collection, in white matt polyethylene.

  • Ester storage unit with ironing board


    Starting from €356.82

    Ester storage unit with ironing board. Flip-open top, closed fronts, casters to easily move it.

  • Contenitore Fluida di Emporium in polipropilene Rosso


    Starting from €218.46

    Fluida storage unit with drawers by Emporium made of polypropylene, available in different colours. Perfect as a shoe rack.

  • Iride shoe rack with drop-down doors - multicolour handles


    Starting from €196.25

    Iride shoe rack with drop-down doors. Available with 2, 3, or 5 doors in various finishes and handles in different colours.

  • Cassettiera Isotta di Emporium a 3 cassetti


    Starting from €178.90

    Isotta chest of drawers with casters by Emporium, perfect for home offices and available in different colours.

  • Contenitore Naif di Emporium


    Starting from €358.70

    Naif storage unit by Emporium with clear methacrylate structure; particularly convenient for the living room.

  • Paprika low cabinet with 4 doors


    Starting from €294.85

    Paprika low cabinet with 4 doors; structure and handles available in several colours and finishes. Ideal for any room of the house.

  • Contenitore Plus Unit di Magis - 3 modulo da 3 cassetti

    Plus Unit

    Starting from €277.53

    Plus Unit modular storage unit by Magis available in several modules. Ideal to create customized compositions.

  • Contenitori pensili di design Poliedro laccati rosso lucido


    Starting from €687.20

    Poliedro wall storage unit with diamond-shaped hinged door in a glossy or matt lacquer with a luxury and elegant design.

  • Pop


    Starting from €268.80

    Pop rotating slim shoe rack by emporium with handles useful to quickly hide the shoes.

  • Sipario shoe rack with rolling shutter in semi-transparent light blue fabric


    Starting from €197.19

    Sipario space-saving shoe rack with rolling shutter available in different colours. Wall mounted and floor standing models available.

  • 360° container by Magis

    360° Container

    Starting from €436.12

    360° Container by Magis is a storage unit with drawers in coloured ABS, casters match the colour and the central pivot is in polished aluminium.

  • Made hanging storage unit


    Starting from €752.46

    Made hanging storage unit, available in the version with pull-out basket or with open compartments.

  • Contenitore sospeso Penny con finitura in foglia argento e legno lavorato crunch lilla foglia argento


    Starting from €650.00

    Penny hanging storage unit with a silver leaf finish, available in models with one or four doors and also in other finishes.