Geko decorative office partition by Caimi Brevetti. Modular hanged element in four colours.

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White Geko Set 25 pieces
Cable with a length of 10 metres
Pair of connecting items (one every 50 cm)

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Geko decorative office partition by Caimi Brevetti. Hanged modular element, available in four colours.
Geko is made up of an extremely modular star-shaped element with six arms, which can be used for several compositions. The elements are fixed with each other by means of the hooks placed at the extreme sides of the arms. The partition can be placed in a wall hanged or ceiling position by using the steel cable and the two connecting items, entirely made of chromed brass. Each connecting item is made up of two parts: one disk with central hole for the wall fastening and a cylindrical element which screws to the disk, with a hole in which the cable has to be placed, blocked with a screw.

To create a composition with a minimum measurement of cm 105 h.90:
- 1 set Geko 25 pieces
- 2 pairs of connecting screws
- 1 cable with a length of 10 meters
It is suggested to use a connecting item every 50 cm of stretched cable.

Geko is a decorative office partition which allows to create endless compositions, thus creating real patterns inside the environment. The "pattern" of the elements can be thick or thin according to the more or less need you have to limit the sights; by hanging Geko to the ceiling, it can become a dividing curtain, which can be modified in few minutes.

- cm 23 x 20

- technopolymer: white, red
- transparent technopolymer: orange, green

You can view all available finishes and colours in detail by clicking on the "View Samples" banner below the menu.

Technical study

Specifiche Tecniche e Dotazioni
Attacchi: ogni attacco è composto da due componenti: un disco con foro centrale per il fissaggio a parete e un elemento cilindrico che si avvita al disco, dotato di un foro nel quale si inserisce il cavo che viene bloccato mediante una vite.

Esempi di composizione:
La dimensione di 1 componente Geko è di cm 23 x 20, ma l'ingombro effettivo varia a seconda della modalità di aggancio fra i vari componenti.

- Modalità A e C (vedi schema nella gallery): l'ingombro effettivo di un elemento è di cm 21,4 x h.18,7.
  Un set di 25 pezzi copre 1 m² di superficie.
  Esempi di ingombro complessivo:
  6 colonne = cm 128,4;
  7 colonne = cm 149,8;
  10 righe = cm h.187;
  11 righe = cm h.205,7

- Modalità B (vedi schema nella gallery): l'ingombro effettivo di un elemento è di cm 17,3 x h.17,7.
  Un set di 25 pezzi copre 0,76 m² di superficie.
  Esempi di ingombro complessivo:
  8 colonne = cm 138,4;
  9 colonne = cm 155,7;
  11 righe = cm h.194,7

Additional Information

Giulio Iacchetti
Area of Production
Easy Assembling
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This item is manufactured by Caimi Brevetti, one of the most design-oriented company within the furniture field. Its catalogue mainly includes office furniture such as coat hangers and lamps, chairs and stools, bookcases, filing cabinets and partition panels, waste baskets and ashtrays.The company has been founded in 1949 and from the start its philosophy has been based on three main concepts: research, experimentation and technology innovation. The several registered patents acquired underline even more the design and quality of their products. Caimi Brevetti works with a team of professionals composed by architects, designers and technicians. All together they contribute to produce items which are perfect for working environments, respect the well being and safety of the workers and come at the same time with a high aesthetic value. Each phase of the manufacturing process is constantly checked and supervised to increase the quality, optimise the production and keep down costs.
Caimi Brevetti style is highly recognisable: essential yet refined, for furniture items which convey at best the concept of industrial design. This company also keeps an eye on the assembling and disassembling phases, simple and essential procedures to ease Customers assembling steps and allow a swifter rearrangement of the product.

Caimi Brevetti

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