Host office reception desk with counter available in two depths and many widths and finishes.


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Host is a customisable office reception desk with counter available in two depths and with 2 legs models.
Host desk is available in a wide range of measurements and finishes, also with the possibility to choose top and front panels in different materials and colours. From 280 cm on the desk is composed of two joined structures.
To close the structure it is possible to choose between two anodized aluminium rods or a pair of sides; the latter available either in a straight version with the same depth of the top, that partially overlaps the desk, or in a shaped model, that covers the desk completely.

linear reception desk available in 2 widths
melamine side panels or steel tube legs
wide range of finishes available
available with aluminium rods and no sides, with straight sides or shaped sides

cm 78,5 / 98,5
Counter Height:
cm 104,3 (104,7 with lacquered glass top)
Desk Height: cm 75 (75,4 with lacquered glass top)

Materials and Finishes
Front Panel:
- melamine: wood effect / colour / special
- glossy lacquer
- melamine: wood effect / colour
- lacquered / frosted glass
Sides (straight or shaped):
- melamine: wood effect / colour
- glossy lacquer
Desk Structure:
- melamine: wood effect / colour
- painted metal
Desk Top:
- melamine: wood effect / colour
- lacquered glass

Information for your Quote
The top is fastened to the front panel with aluminium brackets, both at the centre and on the sides.
The desk too is fastened to the counter on the front with brackets. All the brackets are included.

Technical study

Specific Measurements
Front Panel: h. 100 cm + top and brackets thickness
Rod: cm 3 x 3 h.100
Top: cm d.34 (the thickness changes according to the finish chosen)
Straight Side: cm th.2,8 p.34
Shaped Side: cm th.2,8 d.78,5/98,5

Please Note: By choosing a total depth of cm 78,5, the desk only is cm 60 deep; with a total depth of cm 98,5 the desk only is instead cm 80 deep.

Material Specifications
Rod: made of anodized extruded aluminium, shaped to fix the panels
Desk panel legs: cm 2,8 thick wood fibre panel; class E1 with low formaldehyde emission and fire resistance class 2. Covered in scratch-resistant, corrosion-resistant and non-glare melamine, available in 3 solid colours or wood effect finishes.
Desk metal legs: cm 5 x 5 steel tube matt painted in white or aluminium.
Wood effect / melamine top: cm 2,8 thick wood fibre panel; class E1 with low formaldehyde emission and fire resistance class 2. Covered in scratch-resistant, corrosion-resistant and non-glare melamine. Outer edges made of 1,5 mm thick ABS matching the top.
Lacquered glass top: made of cm 0,4 thick glass and supported by a cm 2,8 thick melamine panel matching the desk structure. The glass top is cold painted in the two available finishes: gloss, whit a glossy effect, or fingerprint-proof, with a matt effect.
Frosted glass top: made of cm 1,2 thick tempered glass; Equipped with UV glued aluminium plates to fasten it to the structure.

Technical Specifications and Equipment
Counter Front Panel: decorated with firm profiles covered with aluminium.
Rod: Equipped with leveller foot and top cap.
Brackets: positioned at the centre and on the sides of the top to fasten it to the front panel; L-shaped on the desk top front to fasten it to the front panel
The central bracket is supplied in case of panels wider than cm 160 and to join two tops for the counters from cm 280 on.
Desk with panel legs: equipped with undertop modesty panel. The modesty panel consists in a cm 1,8 thick modesty panel with melamine cover matching the top.
Desk with metal legs: made of fast assembling system to fix them to the central beam and equipped with high capacity ABS leveller feet.

Additional Information

Area of Production
Medium Assembling
Assembling Instructions
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This product is manufactured by a company from Veneto founded in 1995 and specialized in the production of office furniture systems. It is a dynamic company that initially aimed at the international market, but then decided to enter the national market too.
Starting from furniture for operative environments, it has expanded its area of interest developing management systems, solutions for assembly rooms and receptions, partition walls and wall systems.

The aim of this company is to create functional and comfortable working environments, practical and ergonomic pieces of furniture, spaces in line with the new trends and technologies.

This company is also particularly environmentally conscious. Thanks to its carefully selected raw materials, its monitored manufacturing, packing and waste disposal processes, it has obtained ISO international certifications.

Office desks, wardrobes, chest of drawers and cabinets for the workplace

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