Joyce Custom Height

Customizable height for Joyce walk-in closets; reduction in height for all Joyce modules.


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Se non si vogliono ridurrre tutti i pannelli della composizione, inserire la lettera e la larghezza di ogni elemento da ridurre (A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H)

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The Custom Machining for the reduction in height of the modules of the closet Joyce involves cutting panel, racks and frames terminals.
The placement of shelves and additional equipment will still be possible given that these elements are attached to the rack. Referring to the diagrams of the panels shown within the tabs product of the cabin Joyce, the proportions will be different due to the reduction in height.

Number of Panels
After you add the items you want to quote, select the number of panels to be reduced.
In the case of compositions with angle, add to the estimate before the number of linear panels and subsequently the pair of panels for the angular element.

Height of Measurement
Write in the textbox to the desired height.

Model panels Reduce
Enter the model or models of the panel that you want to reduce by inserting the letter that identifies each element: this indication is required if you want to reduce some panels and not all those that make up the wardrobe.

NOTE: If you buy two panels of the same type but of different width (eg a Model A and a Model A 66 cm 86 cm) and you want to reduce to measure only one of the two is necessary to specify both the letter A, the width of the module to reduce.

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