Joyce Player - H.226

Joyce walk-in closet for low ceilings with panels h.226 fully equipped with shelves and clothes hanger rods.


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Joyce walk-in closet for low ceilings with panel h.226 cm available in eight different models which differ as to number and placement of shelves and presence of clothes hanger rod.

Each panel is fastened to vertical racks to which shelves and other accessories - such as chest of drawers and shirt racks - are fixed. The rack system is extremely flexible and versatile: each shelf or accessory can be fixed by using brackets for an aligned or "not aligned" assembly; both bracket types are included in the packages. This allows to decide the configuration of each panel by the moment of assembling and to change it in a second moment.

By playing with the eight models available, their optional equipment and finishes coming in more than 20 colours, you will be able to create fully equipped and customized walk-in closets, suitable to meet any need or taste. Among the photos you can view some examples of compositions which can give you suggestions and ideas for your own walk-in closet.
You can download the Design your Walk-in Closet pdf file to easily choose, print and cut the single items and arrange them like a puzzle in several possible configurations. We suggest you to print the 3-page pdf file in two or more copies in order to use the same element twice or more.

The schemes show the eight models available, which can be used as basic elements to create compositions which are always different and able to meet specific needs.

- cm 66 / 86 d.52,5 h.226Measurements Scheme
Shelves depth: cm 47
Panel thickness: cm 5,5
Shelves thickness: cm 4
Rack gap: cm 3,2

Shelves Finish
- Decor melamine

Shelves Colour Code
You can view all available finishes and colours in detail by clicking on the "View Samples" banner below the menu; once you've chosen the desired colour, please write its code in the required field.

Panel Colour
- Decor melamine: white, dove grey

For each panel a rack is included; to close the composition a side element is required for each side.
- central: the panel is framed between two other panels and doesn't require any side element; add +0,35 cm to the standard width.
- to the left: the panel starts the composition to the extreme left, a left side element is added; add +5,85 cm to the standard width.
- to the right: the panel closes the composition to the extreme right and a right side element with rack is added; add +6,20 cm to the standard width.
- independent: the panel is fixed individually and left and right side elements are added; add +11,70 cm to the standard width.

Corner Element
Joyce allows to create corner walk-in closets by adding a junction corner element. In order to configure a corner walk-in closet add a corner element - which you can view in Joyce Corner Element product card - to the other Joyce models.

Technical study

Technical Characteristics
Joyce is a high quality product designed with a great care of details; the 45° cut and the folding technique of all its elements allow to have neat surfaces without any visible border or joint mark.
The refinement of Joyce rack is another remarkable feature of this product, which - unlike other cheaper but less refined items - is thinner, thus less visible inside the composition.

Assembling Suggestions
For the wall fastening of panels and their adjustment you need:
- in height and in width: 1 cm
Under the Additional Information coming at the bottom of this page you can download the Assembling Instructions pdf file.


Additional Information

Area of Production
Technical Schemes
Download Design your Walk-in Closet file
Assembling Instructions
Download the Assembling Instructions
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This is an Italian product, born from the experience and manufacturing excellence of a company which has been working in the furniture field since the 50s. A brand from Veneto region, internationally renowned and present in 81 countries worldwide with 500 stores. Its wide catalogue allows to furnish your entire house: wall systems, sideboards, tables and coffee table for the living area; beds, dressers and nightstands, wardrobes and walk-in closets for the night area.

Made in Italy quality is one of this company strengths: all furniture items are designed and manufactured in Italy, and undergo constant quality controls throughout the whole production process. Each item has been created directly from the experience and skill of a variety of designers and craftsmen: a custom made production relying on carefully selected products, and technologies and innovation always up to date. All the steps of the manufacturing process are carried out with utmost environment friendly techniques. This renown company produces high quality furniture able to last through time maintaining its original look and characteristics, and most of all to adapt to the lifestyles and trends of the models, becoming thus suitable for all kinds of houses.

Made in Italy quality furniture for your house living and night areas

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