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Design and complete customisation for a unique bespoke kitchen.
Tailor-cut solutions, that reflect you, your style and personality.
Highly performing cutting edge finishes and materials: this is Kitchen Lab.

The custom-made kitchens, corner kitchens, with island, linear, U-shaped, with peninsula are moulded to the centimetre, designed to offer spaces where cooking turns into a real aesthetic experience.


The high degree of customisation of Kitchen Lab requires the assistance of an Interior Designer.
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The combination of beauty, functionality, comfort and ergonomics creates architectural solutions designed to efficiently organise space.

Every Kitchen Lab is a unique piece moulded to specific wishes. A new concept designed to blend in with the home environment and reflect your style.

The result is a solution that adapts to the needs of the home and offers a professional kitchen experience.

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Materials and equipment are the distinctive components that distinguish high quality kitchens. 

Base units and wall units with flap doors, swinging doors, packet doors, spacious columns, recessed doors for concealed solutions: all elements that guarantee an open and flexible design, with internal fittings designed to maximise storage capacity and ergonomics.


Doors and handles are the main elements characterising the style and overall look of a kitchen.
They need to speak with the other furniture pieces as well as with the rest of the environment, with the table and chairs or with the living room.
In order to make Kitchen Lab a universal project and an extremely flexible system, the majority of the doors are without handles.

We selected sleek models that enhance even more the importance of fronts, available in several materials and colours.

The opening can be selected with aluminium upper profile, recess grip or with a 30° cut on the upper, lower or side part of the panel. In this way the door is protected from direct contact and the by keeping the beauty of your kitchen for much longer. Hidden from the view but well present to guarantee the perfect functionality, they decorate the kitchen in a subtle way by intensifying it linear design together with the style of those who use and enjoy it.


The key features of these modern kitchens are materials and workmanship designed to define a harmonious interaction between environment, style and functionality.

Wood, the most precious veneers, always different, always unique with its own antique language made of grains, knots and coloured streaks.
The high performances of innovative materials such as Fenix NTM, velvet to the touch, scratch resistant and fingerprint-proof.
The chromatic mix of matt and high gloss lacquers to define at best your customised domestic landscape.
Or the anodised aluminium frame doors embellished with smoked mirrored glass, solid burnished metal or Laminam ceramic fronts.

A kitchen main core lies in its working top. Organisation and materials are key for a multi-purpose top, practical, hygienic and beauty to look at.
Kitchen Lab program offers deeper tops, optimised to comfortably use the different working areas. Cleaning and washing procedures, preparation and cooking steps they take place in different areas thanks to an intelligent organisation of the space and with the right working instruments.

The several options available are meant for all those people that are not looking for standard solutions, but materials able to offer the highest degrees of customisation.
Starting from practical laminates to the unique velvety touch of Fenix. The most demanding customer can rely on innovative solid surfaces like Corian and Hanex. Of course in the range of materials available it is possible to find as well quartz, marble, porphyry, glass or the charm of Barazza steel, a real Made in Italy excellence.

The collection strongly focuses on resistance and flexible design, created to offer a system able to induce freedom of movement among the different areas, but also to widen the working surface with pull-out tops and built-in swivel tables.

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Attention to detail is expressed in carefully selected interiors, hardware and accessories, innovative technological solutions.

Salice hinges are proven for 120 thousand closings and openings. Blum guides and mechanisms guarantee gradual and silent assisted openings regardless of size, weight and speed.
Behind doors and drawers the exclusive internal equipment promotes intelligent organisation of pots, dishes, tools and accessories. Lemans baskets, swivel trays, sliding shelves for corner modules and pull-out pantries optimise space and make them easy to use.

Also equipped stands, roll holders, spice holders, chopping boards, knife holders, plate holders. Highly customisable options designed to offer exceptional flexibility in space management.
From the study of living spaces, the Kitchen Lab project adapts to every need to provide optimum functionality.


Household appliances: a luxury to be experienced every day.
First and foremost, the hob. From classic stainless steel gas hobs with precious cast iron grills to electric induction hobs in glass ceramic for those who never forego hi-tech. Cooking results remain impeccable thanks to the constant controlled temperature, flexible zones with customised power distribution and intelligent pot detection. Without neglecting the green functionalities to save energy. 

The furniture vacuum systems are flanked by the most advanced hoods integrated in the top or concealed, featuring WLAN connection to respond autonomously to the cooking settings.

The ovens, steam or ventilated, meet the most sophisticated requirements by offering innovations that revolutionise the entire kitchen system. Just like cooking inside an iceblock. Or using the technology of sensors that recognise and cook food uniformly, simultaneously and at different cooking levels. All in significantly reduced times. To the steam ovens you can add drawers for placing food under vacuum and cooking at low temperatures, microwaves with stainless steel compartment, dishwasher and food heater.

And for food preservation, A++ refrigerators and freezers to keep them 3 times as long, as well as refrigerating systems for your most precious bottles. In a modern luxury kitchen you can't forget the wine cellar with adjustable temperature zones, a classy addition to build your personal wine shop and set up a sommelier space. There is no shortage of sets to cool your glasses, decant and serve.

Last but not least, the range of dishwashers with app-controlled programs, limited water consumption, flexible baskets completely adaptable to the dishes, automatic dosage of the washing product. 

To combine maximum functionality, energy efficiency and design, Kitchen Lab has chosen Miele as its main partner, though you will be free to choose among the best international brands the one that best meets your desires. A German brand active for over 120 years, Miele is the only leader in the sector to have tested its products for a lifetime of 20 years. Its prestige has deep roots based on its ability to offer an aesthetically impeccable and technologically advanced cooking area, complete with everything you need for a star chef's kitchen.

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Fancy experiencing the Kitchen Lab world and receiving
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