Dori collection offers a wide selection of 100% Made in Italy rustic kitchens in solid wood. The solid wood door is 24 mm thick and is characterized by the classic framed door, also available with a decorated glass panel.
Dori is available in walnut, oak, light blue and beigedecapé finishes.

This collection grat customizability allows to arrange every single element as you wish, in order to create custom compositions withlinear or corner designs, and with peninsulas and islands. In addition to colours and measurements, it is possible to choose hood, handles, top material and appliances.

The materials available reflectdifferent styles: from walnut wood, typical of a rustic style, to country oak, and a classic of Provence furniture: decapé kitchens.

Country of Production: Italy
Approximate Time: 5 Working weeks for Production (eight weeks for resin quartz tops)

You can find more information on Materials and Equipment in the Quality Details page.