Koala Totem

Koala Totem floor display stand by Caimi Brevetti for the office. Available with different modular elements.

Product Name Price Quantity
Singolo A5 Curvo Orizzontale
Singolo A5 Curvo Verticale
Singolo A4 Curvo Orizzontale
Singolo A4 Curvo Verticale
Singolo A3 Curvo Orizzontale
Singolo A3 Curvo Verticale
Singolo A2 Curvo Verticale
Singolo A1 Curvo Verticale
Coppia A5 Curvo Orizzontale
Coppia A5 Curvo Verticale
Coppia A4 Curvo Inclinato
Coppia A4 Curvo Orizzontale
Coppia A4 Curvo Verticale
Coppia Leggio Inclinato
Coppia A4 Portadepliant
Singolo A3 Portadepliant
Montante Freestanding h.164
Montante Freestanding h.200

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Display Pedestal Caimi Brevetti Koala Totem. Available with different modular elements exhibitor.
The different models of exhibitors are all made ​​of sheet steel, painted silver gray color. The concave curved elements on the sides are folded to form two side rails inside which slides a sheet of PET flexible and transparent. The brochure holders are equipped with internal separators to be inserted interlocking pocket. Finally the elements exhibitor dishes are provided with lower fins for the containment of the exposed material.

The coupling of the exhibitor to steel support is done through 4 terminals polymer gray on the back of the exhibitor. The holder is made of steel coated silver gray color and can be secured at the desired height with the holes in the riser by means of a steel screw. The uprights are made of painted steel silver gray available in two heights.

Koala Totem is an exhibitor at incredibly versatile stand ready to adapt to any need. The ability to easily select the number and type of display makes it easy to achieve the desired compositions. In the pictures you can see some examples of uses of Koala.

Model and Size
Uprights with Base
Cm Ø48 h.164
H.200 cm Ø48

Exhibitors Single Curved:
- A5: 21.5 x 15 cm
- A4: 29.9 x 21.2 cm
- A3: 41.6 x 29.9 cm
- A2: 51.2 x 71.2 cm
- A1: 71.2 x 101.2 cm
NB for the measures of the elements couple curved refer to the diagrams in the pictures.

Exhibitors Dishes:
- A5: 21.5 x 15 cm
- A4: 29.9 x 21.2 cm
NB for the measures of the elements couple dishes refer to the diagrams in the pictures.

Brochure Holders:
- A4: 22 cm p.4 h.28
- A3: 46.5 cm p.4 h.28

Exhibitors, Mast and Base
- Painted steel gray silver

- Silver gray technopolymer

To view the detailed finishes and colors, please click on the icon at the top "View Samples".

Technical study

Consigli per il montaggio
Aggancio: l’aggancio dell’espositore al montante avviene attraverso un supporto in acciaio. Questo supporto viene fissato sul montante all'altezza desiderata con una vite. L'espositore viene poi agganciato al supporto attraverso i ganci in tecnopolimero che si trovano sulla sua parte posteriore

Additional Information

Michele De Lucchi con Sezgin Aksu
Area of Production
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This item is manufactured by Caimi Brevetti, one of the most design-oriented company within the furniture field. Its catalogue mainly includes office furniture such as coat hangers and lamps, chairs and stools, bookcases, filing cabinets and partition panels, waste baskets and ashtrays.The company has been founded in 1949 and from the start its philosophy has been based on three main concepts: research, experimentation and technology innovation. The several registered patents acquired underline even more the design and quality of their products. Caimi Brevetti works with a team of professionals composed by architects, designers and technicians. All together they contribute to produce items which are perfect for working environments, respect the well being and safety of the workers and come at the same time with a high aesthetic value. Each phase of the manufacturing process is constantly checked and supervised to increase the quality, optimise the production and keep down costs.
Caimi Brevetti style is highly recognisable: essential yet refined, for furniture items which convey at best the concept of industrial design. This company also keeps an eye on the assembling and disassembling phases, simple and essential procedures to ease Customers assembling steps and allow a swifter rearrangement of the product.

Caimi Brevetti

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