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Lars is a custom L-shaped sofa by Bonaldo with fabric or leather upholstery and thin high feet or sledge legs. Also available as a linear or corner sofa.


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Lars is a custom l-shaped sofa with either a leather or fabric cover. One of its peculiarity is the modern layout: the feet or sledge legs, marked by a minimalist effect, support the seat which looks aesthetically lighter. One single, long back encloses almost the entire sofa and soft, down-padded cushions can be placed all along it, according to one's taste, in order to give the sofa a dynamic layout and to suit anyone's idea of comfort and relax.
Lars is a contemporary designed sofa which fits neatly into an elegant and stylish environment.

Quality and Value
models and finishes highly customizable
linear sofas with either a 73 cm high back - elegant and sophisticate - or a 93 cm high back - marked by a strong personality;
corner sofa Meridienne with an open side, ideal for a modern living room
cushions padded with down and foam, the right mix of support and softness
opportunity to match decorative cushions with tone-on-tone patterns or contrasting ones

Models and Measurements
Models: linear; with chaise longue; corner sofa Meridienne

Arm Width: cm 23
- linear sofa with back cm h.73: cm 95
- linear sofa with back cm h.93: cm 100
- sofa: cm 73 / 93
- seat: cm 43

Materials and Finishes
- fabric, leather (utterly removable)
Feet / Sledge legs:
- matt painted metal

Information for your Purchase
All models with low 73 cm backrest include back cushions.
All models with high 93 cm backrest include 65 x 50 cm back cushions and 2 (for the 217 cm linear) or 3 (for the 247 / 277 cm linear) lumbar cushions measuring 45 x 30 cm.
You can purchase additional scatter cushions in Lars Cushion and Bonaldo Cushion product cards at the bottom of the page.

Technical study

ImbottituraMaterial Specifications
Structure: wood and particle wood with elastic bands
Padding: knitted resin gr. 200 (B); polyurethane foam SR 75 (C); polyurethane foam P 30 (D); polyurethane foam HT 35 (E); polyurethane foam AIRSOFF 23 (F); white feather (G); knitted resin gr. 100 (H). Cover utterly removable (A).
Feet (I)/ Sledge legs(J): matt painted metal.

Technical Specifications and Equipment
The sofa with a 93 cm high back includes 2 or 3 decorative cushions, besides the cushions of the back

Foot Stool: square, cm 120 x 120 h.43, available only with feet
Decorative cushions: rectangular, cm 45 x 30 or cm 60 x 50.

Assembling Advice
The various elements of the sofa are fitted with a clasping mechanism called "fork-like". This mechanism is made up of two pieces: a plate(L) and a fork-shaped hook (M).
To assemble the various elements, it is necessary to find M and turn it at 90° then align L with M and afterwards draw near the two elements, as it is showed by the arrow in the picture on the side, until they are clasped to each other.

Additional Information

Area of Production
Exportable to the United Kingdom or Ireland with restrictions
Cubic Metres
da 1,24 a 3,26 m³
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Bonaldo was born in 1936 and since than it has been expressing its personality through furniture and projects which reinterprets modern domestic needs.

The collections of this well known company are characterized by always evolving modern lines: as a matter of fact one of Bonaldo's main goal is to experiment with new materials and new shape resulting in an international oriented firm constantly collaborating with famous Italian and foreign designers. The materials used are perfect for the needs of today's market, that is of flexible and innovative furniture, whose style and shapes are highly oriented towards the revisitation of a classic style.
This item, as all products from Bonaldo, is the result of a completely Italian production process which matches the love for design to high quality furniture pieces.

This company is at present a reference point for the Made in Italy in the whole world, collaborating with designers such as Karim Rashid and Alain Gilles. Bonaldo furniture items have been at the centre of many episodes of the tv show "Vendo Casa Disperatamente" airing on Real Time. The company takes part in the main national and international furniture and interior design fairs.
In 2010 Big Table table has been internationally acknowledge as Bonaldo iconic product. Between 2012 and 2013 Still and Welded tables won the "Good Design Award" and "Red Dot: Best of the Best".

Bonaldo: modern and design furniture

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