Upholstered Bed with Storage

Liberty fabric covered elegant bed with straight or curved headboard; also available with an eco-leather or leather cover.


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Liberty is a stylish bed covered in fabric that is characterized by its simple and clean and at the same time for its refined design. The headboard models are available: straight or curved. The first is for those who love a sober fact of strict lines, instead of the curved headboard is ideal for those who want a basic style but at the same time refined and softened with smoother lines.

Liberty is suitable for any type of bedroom furnished with grace and elegance. In addition to the removable fabric you can also choose the skin and the leather available in the colors of the collection. Liberty can be completed with a practical and roomy storage box single or double up.

Model headboard / bed size Measurements bed Liberty
Straight Headboard
- Standard Double: 170 cm
- Double Silver: 180 cm
- King-Size: 190 cm
Depth: cm 219/229

Headboard Curve
- Standard Double: 168 cm
- Double Silver: 178 cm
- King-Size: 188 cm
Depth: 219/229

- headboard: cm 124
- bed-ring: cm 36
- bed base top: cm 40

- Fabric
- Eco-leather
- Skin

Code coating
To view in detail the available finishes click on the icon at the top "View Samples and Cover Codes" and enter the code into the textbox desired coating.

Option container bed
- Without box
- With simple box
- Box with comfortable double lift

Type of Feet Modelli Piedini Letto
- # 1 Leg Cylindrical Ø 5 cm h.25 - white painted aluminum
- # 2 Leg Bent Plate 10 h.24 cm - white painted aluminum
- Leg # 3 cylinder Ø 7 cm h.25 - transparent methacrylate
- # 4 Leg Hourglass h.24 cm - beech painted aluminum
- # 5 Foot Cylindrical Ø 7 cm h.11 - beech
- # 6 Foot Ball h.12 cm - beech leaf silver
- # 7 Foot in Onion h.14 cm - beech leaf silver
- # 8 Foot Angle 18 cm p.18 h.5 - chromed abs
- # 9 Ft 7 p.7 h.11 cm - beech
- # 10 Foot Tapered h.11 cm - beech painted aluminum
- Foot # 11 to Ø 8 cm Botticella, 5 h.11 - beech painted aluminum

NB The square legs (# 9) and the cylindrical (# 5) can be in either a varnished beech or silver coated to match the bed frame and headboard.

The mattress is not included. You can find a wide range in our section Mattresses .

The slats in beech wood with adjustable stiffness is included in all the beds.

Dimensions Networks
- Standard Double: 160 cm
- Double Silver: 170 cm
- King-Size: 180 cm
Depth: cm 200-210

Technical study

Technical Discussion
- The headboard is finished also on the back, in this way, the bed can also be placed in center of the room;
- The upholstered headboard is made from sandwich panels made of wood particles coated with high-density foam, pad and lining. The honeycomb are
particularly appreciated in furniture and furnishings for their lightness. They belong to the class E1 and are therefore characterized
from a low formaldehyde emission;
- The backbone is reinforced by four leading teams angles that support;
- The entire network is in beech strips with stiffness adjusters double in the lumbar area, the structure is made of steel;
- The frame of the network is in painted metal and aluminum slats are curved laminated beech with painted metal lifting mechanism
aluminum pistons and gas;
- The bottom of the box is made of white melamine of 1.6 cm and is placed at 11 cm from the ground above the feet and the cross;
- Mounting screws are made of high quality and origin are inserted into the corresponding threaded bossole to avoid the risk of loss;
- The cover, easily removable, it is pre-washed and pre-shrunk, machine washable, and with a gentle cycle with mild detergent, possibly
can also be useful to soak in cold water;
- For cleaning of leather and leather use a damp cloth and mild soap and then rinse well with water.

Additional Information

Area of Production
Not exportable to the United Kingdom or EIRE
Easy Assembling
Cubic Metres
da 0,50 m³ a 0,70 m³
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