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Ligeia chair in hide leather with wide back. Elegant and modern it comes with black, white painted or chromed steel.

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Ligeia is a large leather chair with backrest special design and classical.
The structure is in steel available in chrome or painted white or black. The tapered legs of Ligeia in fact are not coated like the backrest and the seat but exposed steel.
The low back that widens at the shoulders and seat, which reiterates the form of the back give it a sober and simple.
These features make Ligeia a chair that can be inserted easily into any decor. Wide range of colors and three different types of coating.

- Cm 47 d.54 h.82
Seat height: 47 cm

- Leather
- Crocodile printed leather
- Full-grain leather

Code coating
To view in detail coatings and colors available, click on the "View Samples and Cover Codes" and enter the code into the textbox desired coating.

The seams are in the same color of the leather. A request options are available: black, white, gray, light brown and beige.

- In the same color with leather
- Black

Structure Finish
- Painted metal: black, white
- Chrome

Additional Information

Area of Production
Exportable to the United Kingdom or Ireland with restrictions
This product is only available in pair numbers. Keep it in mind when writing the quantity
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This product is made by a company from Veneto specialized in leather and hide leather manufacturing. The accurate study of the lines e and the dedicated attention for the latest trends has given the company the capacity to produce chairs, armchairs, tables and accessories that can satisfy all the style needs: from a minimalistic design for modern and refined environments, to decorated and valuable surfaces for the most classic and refined tastes.
The craft techniques used in the processing of raw materials combine with continuous research and innovation: a mix that gives life to high quality products destined to last a long time. Noteworthy is the use of materials free of solvents and other harmful substances in order to produce environment friendly chairs and pieces of furniture respecting the European Union regulations.
Thanks to innovative treatments designed by the company,  the hide leather keeps its characteristics over time, and is also made fireproof and resistant to rubbing and use. However, the beauty of hide leather derive exactly from the lived-in look that the material acquires over the years.

Hide leather chairs

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