Marshmallow Sofa
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Marshmallow sofa designed by George Nelson. Cushions cover available in fabric or leather in several colours.

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Marshmallow Sofa designed by George Nelson in 1956. Despite the appearances the seat is very comfortable and the upholstered elements that compose it can be disassembled and mixed up. The structure is in black lacquered steel, whereas the cushions are upholstered and covered in fabric, faux leather or leather in three finishes. Marshmallow Sofa is a product of design produced by an Italian hand-crafting work-shop.

- cm 157 x p.73 x h.93

Colour Configuration
MarshmallowYou can choose up to a maximum of 9 different colours, in this way Marshmallow sofa will be featured with two cushions for each colour. In the image on the right each cushion is marked with a letter which has to be written in the text field next to the chosen Colour Code (for example: A: White 01 / B: Red 24 / ...). By writing a single Colour Code you will obtain a Marshmallow sofa all in one colour.

Please Note: - cushions aren't easily disassembled and are installed directly by the manufacturer. It's necessary to choose your Marshmallow colours disposition by writing the letters and the corresponding colours in the configuration menu, or let us know via email or telephone every kind of variation you desire.

Cover Finish
- fabric
-faux leather
- calf leather
- full grain leather
- aniline leather

Interior Designer's Opinion

George Nelson
Marshmallow"First: what you do is important. Second: design in an integral part of a company. Third: the product must be honest. Fourth: you should decide what you want to do by yourself. Fifth: there is always a market for good design. This was how George Nelson summarized the Herman Miller inc. "philosophy", an important design company where he worked as a Director of Design for 20 years. Although he played an important role in the spreading of the design in the USA ( by collaborating with Eames, Saarinen and Noguchi), George Nelson started as an architect: born in Connecticut after graduating at Yale, he lived in Rome for a few years. While in Europe, he met with principles and exponents of the "International Style". Back in the USA, he worked as an editor for the review "Architectural Forum". For Herman Miller inc. he took care of several important projects: especially a modular system for office furniture that reflected his architectural education.

Technical study

Cover Characteristics
: composition: - 63% cotton - 37% linen - weight 380 gr/mq - sample height 140 cm

Calf LeatherCalf Leather: bovine leather coming from European and extra European slaughters, chrome tan, dyeing according to EEC rules, average measure m² 4/5 and thickness 0,9/1 mm. Calf leather or contract leather is a corrected grain leather. It has a very competitive price, it's fairly soft to the touch and long lasting. Calf leather is a material with an excellent value for money.

Full Grain LeatherFull Grain Leather: bovine leather coming from European and extra European slaughters, chrome tan, dyeing according to EEC rules, average measures m² 4/5 and thickness 1,4/1,6 mm. Grain leather is still corrected grain but with a higher thickness than calf leather. This guarantees a longer duration and resistance. This leather surface is generally a little bit coarser to the touch compared to other kind of leathers.

Aniline LeatherAniline Leather: bovine leather coming from European and extra European slaughters, chrome tan, dyeing according to EEC rules, average measure m² 4/5 and thickness 1,1/1,2 mm. Aniline leather is the most valuable leather used in the furniture sector. The superficial grain is natural and without corrections, it's also possible to catch a glimpse of the leather pores, veins and lines; infact the surface is not always homogeneous as in full grain or calf leathers. Aniline Leather also results very soft to the touch.

Additional Information

George Nelson
Area of Production
Exportable to the United Kingdom or Ireland with restrictions
Number of Packages
45 Kg
Cubic Metres
1,36 m³
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