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Tavolino pieghevole e allungabile Mascotte di Connubia in legno o laccato. Raddoppia in dimensioni e in altezza.


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Mascotte di Connubia è un tavolino in legno pieghevole ed allungabile. Raddoppia in dimensione e altezza: da tavolino da salotto con cm 70 x 105 di piano e altezza di 32,5 cm può diventare con pochi semplici movimenti un vero e proprio tavolo da sei persone di dimensioni cm 105 x 140 con altezza 74 cm. Regolabile in 7 altezze diverse, è dotato di piano e struttura in legno impiallacciato.

sistema di apertura automatica che consente di trasformarlo in pochi secondi in un tavolo per sei persone
regolabile in 7 altezze diverse utilizzando il pratico pulsante posto sul lato lungo
dotato di due ruote in gomma morbida antigraffio per facilitarne gli spostamenti

- cm 105 x 70 (140); altezza da cm 32,5 a 74

Materiali e Finiture
- legno impiallacciato tinto
- laccato
- legno massello di faggio tinto
- laccato

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Area of Production
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Number of Packages
49,5 Kg
Cubic Metres
0,45 m³
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This product is manufactured by Connubia, a young brand part of the renowned Calligaris group specialised in the making of chairs, stools, tables and furnishing accessories. A contemporary and at the cutting-edge brand, which from its very name expresses its philosophy: to create a community of people who share a passion for fresh, dynamic, irreverent and practical design. It is a smart concept that drives the creation and accompanies the production of functional and modern, versatile and characterful furniture. Seats and tables, the beating heart of the line, are now flanked by bookcases, cupboards and accessories that share a simple, essential and distinctive design. The brand does not renounce to the "fundamentals" of home and dining, timeless models that integrate a collection created to "communicate with the contemporary world", as Cristian Gori, senior designer and creative leader of the Archirivolto studio, points out.
Connubia is a Made-in-Italy brand, geographically located between the Tuscan and Friulian hills, which dedicates particular attention to aesthetics without compromising on functionality. The attention to detail goes hand in hand with the meticulous choice of materials, carefully selected and subjected to rigorous controls. Coloured stain-resistant fabrics soft to the touch, durable ceramic tops, FSC certified wood from controlled forests are some of the features in the collection.

Modern tables and chairs by Connubia

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