MiniSystem micro kitchen unit by Snaidero. Small, compact and all in one mini kitchen perfect for small flats. Online exclusive for


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MiniStystem is a micro kitchen unit by Snaidero. This small, compact and all-in-one mini kitchen is perfect for small flats. On online exclusive for MiniSystem has been projected to furnish small environments like one-room flats, apartments with the kitchen set inside the living room, residences, modern bureaus, offices or lofts. Its innovative design is characterised by the fusion of two "operative modules" which embody all kitchen functions: these modules can be highly customised in choosing the finishes you prefer and adding internal fittings like practical optional accessories.
MiniSystem mini kitchen comes both with a one-colour or two-colour structure in various finishes and textures.

online only on from € 2.360,00
small compact all-in-one kitchen: perfect for one-room flats, modern urban apartments and offices
Snaidero quality and design, 100% Made in Italy
door and drawers fronts with thickness of cm 2,2
equipped with Blum soft close system
equipped with household appliances
additional living elements: wardrobe columns, bases, cabinets and shelves

cm 162,4 / 182,4
Depth: cm 78 - (part "B" cm 63,8)
protruding section height: cm 230 (cm 220 + 10 plinth)
column height: cm 218 (cm 208 + 10 plinth)

Materials and Finishes
colour / wooden effect melamine
- glossy laminate
- veneer wood
- matt / glossy / micalised lacquer

Information for your Quote
You can find MiniSystem micro kitchen unit by Snaidero exclusively online and only on
The washing machine and the microwave can be bought separately from the product cards at the bottom of this page.

Technical study

Materials Specifications
Inner Structure: wooden particle panels at low formaldehyde emissions, melamines with melamine resins for high cleaning performances and resistance to abrasion. Equipped with anti scratch finish, rounded border. Igloo white colour.
Top: in wooden particles for humid environments (P3) covered with anti-scratch laminate and frontally refined with matching solid ABS. Arctic white colour.
Pull out top: realised in wooden particles for humid environments (P3) covered with an anti-scratch laminate and frontally refined with solid matching ABS. Ice white colour.
Plinth: PVC coverd in aluminium.

Technical Specifications and Equipment
- Protruding "A" part with sliding doors
Sliding Doors: soft-close system
Upper Compartments: displaceable in 3 pre-set positioning at 6,4 cm of distance one from the other
Hood: model ZHT-630W Zanussi white colour with width cm 60
Filters: for hood ZHT-630W Zanussi
Working top: cm 100/120 d.64 h.4
Sink: model Foster 1129000 (for cm 100) / model Foster 1144001 (for cm 120) with sink trap included + cutting board/lid
Working Top Protection: inox plate with height cm 30 - on the 3 sides + hook side
Kitchen Raise: included on the 3 sides
Part on the backing for attachments and water drainage: around cm 60 h.40 in the hole where to set the sink

- Part "B" with wardrobe column + 2 baskets
Cutlery Holder: in plastic, set inside the drawer or the wardrobe column.
Pull out Top: cm 60 d.85 thk.1,8 - height from the ground around cm 52
Hampers: cm 50/60 h.26 d.56 - equipped with amortised rails Blum and bottom in a wooden finish
Wardrobe Column: cm 60 h.218 d.63,8 - with custom opening side according to your needs
In case of wardrobe column with 2 doors: upper compartment with 2 inner shelves / lower compartment with 1 inner shelf

External Sides: thickness cm 1,2
Doors and Drawers: thickness cm 2,2
Keg Components: thickness cm 1,9
Plinth: height cm 10

Mixing Tap: set in the middle in the model cm 162,6 / set on the side in the model cm 182,4
Electric Socket: set over the working top - the hole is to be done throughout assembly, therefore the position can vary according to your needs.
Bottle Rack: equipped with 6 compartments
Led Light: set on the lid of the "A" protruding part, immediately behind the rails of the sliding doors
Refrigerator: model REX FI 2441E for built-in - 215 litres
Dishwasher: to be installed only in the compartment under the burners set on the protruding "A" part - for both models
Microwave: to be installed only in the compartment over the sink and available only for the model cm 182,4

To know more...
Micalised lacquer: taken by the car industry, it has been introduced for the first time by Snaidero with the model Ola20. This finish is set on polished uniform surfaces with a layer of polyester or UV cross-linkage acrylic.
The finish procedure involves 2 layers of micalised varnish in order to obtain a chromatic uniformity, while a 3rd layer adds the desired matt effect. The micalised varnish is obtained using as mirroring agent the mica, a mineral which combined with the varnish creates a sparkling effect with a less mirroring effect than the glossy lacquer but with a more delicate saturation. That' s why colours have clear and pearly shades.
Melamine:  this is a wooden particle panel covered on one one both sides with a melamine paper (synthetic material made of super thin paper sheets) soaked in melamine resin. Sometimes, to further refine the product, the surface is covered also with a varnish: this process makes the surface of the panel very similar to the sight to a varnished veneer product.
Laminate: it is a synthetic product made of various layers of fibre material (made of paper sheets dumped in termo-hardening resins) and covered by a paper sheet which recalls the veins of the wood or covered by a coloured paper and a layer of synthetic resin which determines both the aesthetic effect and the impermeability.


Additional Information

Cixhome & Snaidero
Area of Production
Assembling Instructions
Download the Assembly Instructions in Pdf
Number of Packages
35 ca.
Cubic Metres
from 1,97 to 2,45 m³ approximately

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