Modern Sideboards and Cupboards

Ohio modern wooden sideboard with compartment, also as Cupboard. Highly customizable in terms of measurements and colours.

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Ohio modern wooden sideboard with compartment stands out at first glance for its definite lines, for its materials and the attention to its details.
It is offered also in Cupboard version; the models available are many, and they vary in terms of measurements and doors positioning, drawers and compartments.
The possibility to choose amongst different finishes and colours in terms of structure / fronts and compartments, increases even more the margin of personalization; giving birth to two-tone compositions, with a modern style.
Ohio sideboard is ideal for living-rooms with contemporary shapes and materials; perfect in modern and design contexts.
The cupboard version is higher and slimmer and it keeps the same finishes and colours of the sideboard one.
Every width available offers one or more models, which vary in terms of positioning and number of elements among doors, folding door, drawers and compartments.
Sideboard and cupboard of the Ohio collection result perfectly matched to one another, and they offer the possibility to realize a refined and modern living-room; also in combination with the Ohio TV stand.

sideboard in modern style with compartments, hinged doors, folding doors, and drawers
available in many models of sideboards and cupboards
positioning on the floor standing on metallic or methacrylate feet, with under-base LED lighting
thanks to the wide choice of colours and finishes, every model can also be made in two colours
doors and drawers with comfortable push-pull opening
the upper top joins delicately the structure at 45° creating a pleasant frame
modern and refined style, versatile and easy to be matched with other elements from the same collection

Width: view the available widths offered in the Menu 
Depth: cm 46,5 / 56,1
Sideboard Height:
- with standard feet: h. cm 52,5 / 68,5
- with other feet: h. cm 59 / 63  / 69 - 75 / 79 / 85
Cupboard Height:
- with standard feet: h. cm 116,5
- with other feet: h. cm 123 / 127 / 133

Materials and Finishes
Perimetral Structure and Fronts:
- wood veneer
- matt lacquer

Open Compartments:
- wood veneer
- textured melamine
- matt lacquer
- metallic lacquer

Information for your Purchase
By choosing the cylindrical, shaped or methacrylate feet, the models wider than cm 120 are provided with an anti-flexion metal base.

Technical study

Technical Specifications
Perimetral Structure: thickness cm 1,5. The upper top is joined to the side vertical elements with a junction at 45° with a mm 2x2 gap. The lower top is, instead, joined to the side vertical elements to make it easier the position close to the other elements.
Fronts: thickness cm 2. As the compartments, the fronts are recessed of cm 1,5 compared to the perimetral structure.
- methacrylate / shaped th. mm 15
- cylindrical th. ø mm 20
Opening system:
- push pull: metal runners with full extension and end of the line stop, dynamic load of 30 kg. Built-in synchronised sliding system in all drawer runners when bigger than 45 cm. Anti-hook pin and vertical front tilt adjustment integrated in all system runners. 120 and 150 cm wide drawers equipped with "Movento" runners and front side adjustment. Opening of the drawers through push-pull for the elements with drop down door (from top to bottom). For drawers this is placed in the middle top side, while for the hinged doors it is on the corner top side.
Veins Directions: for the perimetral structure and wooden compartments, the direction of the veins follows the direction of the frame.  For the fronts, instead, the veins are horizontal.
Internal Drawers Finish: jute textured
Internal Shelves: glass thickness cm 0,8
- Segno: cm 8 h.0,5 - d.1,4
- Assisa: cm 24 h.1,1 - d.2,1 (cm 12,8 pitch)
- Star: (width according to the base) cm h.1,1 - d.2,1

Chart for the matching between front finishes and Segno handle finishes

Fronts Finish
Segno Handle
Coal Oak Brown
Clay Oak Matt Terranova
Grey Oak Brown
Ash Oak Gunmetal
Natural knotty Oak Brown
Caramel knotty Oak Brown
Heat-treated Oak Brown
Canaletto Walnut Brown
Matt / High Gloss Lacquer Matt / High Gloss Lacquer
Metallic Lacquer Metallic Lacquer
Natura Loto Matt Rope Grey
Taupe Loto Matt Rope Grey
Terra Loto Matt Terranova

Lighting: external under-base with LED bars of 4000K including power supply and remote.

For more Information...
Laminate: it is a wood effect coating usually applied to different materials, such as melamine panels. This coating consists of sheets obtained by pressing several layers of paper sheets impregnated with a melamine or phenolic resins together. Laminate is available in different types, that have different looks, such as wood-like effects.The ashwood effect laminate is obtained through techniques that make it possible to achieve a nice look and a pleasant sensation to the touch. Moreover, there are also melamine sheets that reproduce the pores of wood, creating grains on the surface, like for example open pore ashwood; moreover, compared to standard laminate, it is also characterised by superior technical features.

Cleaning and Maintenance
The surfaces cannot be put in touch with water, liquids in general, excessive heat and humidity.
The cleaning must be done using a moist cloth and neutral detergents, drying up immediately with a soft cloth; it is not advised the usage of alkaline, solvent and abrasive products. The products are suitable for an external usage.


Additional Information

Area of Production
Assembling Instructions
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Cubic Metres
from 0,45 to 1,10 m³
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