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Cortina modular sofa with adjustable backrests and arms by Bonaldo. Wide range of available measurements, fabric, faux leather and leather cover and table accessories.


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Cortina by Bonaldo is a modular sofa with adjustable backrests and arms available in a wide range of measurements, fabric, faux leather and leather covers and table accessories like end tables. Cortina is a contemporary comfortable and design couch that is perfect in a living for an everyday use. 
The fact that it is composed by modules makes it easy to create your own configuration with linear, end, chaise longue, corner, ottomans upholstered parts and side tables.
The interesting feature is linked to coffee tables used as accessories that are part of the sofa composition and that allow a continious renowal of the look of the sofa that can be in one piece or divided in 2 by such an element in metal with a tool holder top in regenerated hide leather.
Cortina is a classy sofa that finds its natural place in modern homes as well as relax areas of a company or of a professional studio.

modular sofa proposed in various covers like fabric or leather
wide range of customisation and matching of different elements
functional coffee tables with practical tool holder of a triangular and rectangular shape
backrests and arms equipped with mechanical junctions that can be displaced at your choice

Elements and Measurements
See the elements and the measurements available in the Configuration menu
- sofa: cm d.95 / 105
- chaise longue: cm d.160 / 170
- backrest: cm h.86 / 78
- seat: cm h.40

Materials and Finishes
- fabric, leather (entirely removable)
- matt painted metal

Information for your Quote
Decorative cushions not included. You can purchase them directly from the product card Bonaldo Cushion that you find at the bottom of this page.

Technical study

Schema imbottitura divano Madame C di BonaldoMaterials Specifications
Structure: wood and wood conglomerate with elestic belts.
- fabric/leather (A);
- filling in white feather and anti-feather fabric 100% cotton (B);
- resinate VRE 400g (C);
- expanded polyurethane 30 D (D);
- expanded polyurethane 35 PF (E);
- expanded polyurethane 18 SS (F)
- expanded polyurethane 35 S (G)
- Air Soft (H)
- coupled interline 2,5 mm (L)

Assembly Tips
The various elements composing Panorama sofa are equipped with a fork-like system composed by two elements: a plate and a fork shaped hook. To assemble them it is necessary to rotate the fork shaped hook of 90° and subsequently align the plate nearing the 2 elements until attachment has occurred.

Additional Information

Area of Production
Exportable to the United Kingdom or Ireland with restrictions
Cubic Metres
from 0,25 to 3,23 m³
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Bonaldo was born in 1936 and since than it has been expressing its personality through furniture and projects which reinterprets modern domestic needs.

The collections of this well known company are characterized by always evolving modern lines: as a matter of fact one of Bonaldo's main goal is to experiment with new materials and new shape resulting in an international oriented firm constantly collaborating with famous Italian and foreign designers. The materials used are perfect for the needs of today's market, that is of flexible and innovative furniture, whose style and shapes are highly oriented towards the revisitation of a classic style.
This item, as all products from Bonaldo, is the result of a completely Italian production process which matches the love for design to high quality furniture pieces.

This company is at present a reference point for the Made in Italy in the whole world, collaborating with designers such as Karim Rashid and Alain Gilles. Bonaldo furniture items have been at the centre of many episodes of the tv show "Vendo Casa Disperatamente" airing on Real Time. The company takes part in the main national and international furniture and interior design fairs.
In 2010 Big Table table has been internationally acknowledge as Bonaldo iconic product. Between 2012 and 2013 Still and Welded tables won the "Good Design Award" and "Red Dot: Best of the Best".

Bonaldo: modern and design furniture

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