Armchairs and Sofas

Office furniture isn't complete without armchairs and sofas, perfect for executive offices or waiting rooms, available in different measurements. Upholstered armchairs and sofas are available with fabric, leather or eco-leather cover.
  • Poltrona d'attesa per ufficio in pelle Alias nel modello comfort con piedini bassi in alluminio lucidato

    Alias AM / AS

    Starting from €485.53

    Alias is a studio armchair also in the sofa version perfect for a waiting room. Classy contemporary design perfect for urban offices.

  • Divanetto d'attesa per ufficio moderno Alias nel modello D rivestito in tessuto

    Alias Moduli

    Starting from €1,167.60

    Alias Moduli puzzle sectional sofa in various modular compositions. Linear, corner or 360° island model from 2 to 4 seater.

  • Poltrona in cuoio per ufficio o sale d'attesa Gaviota


    Starting from €808.00

    Gaviota office armchair with armrests covered in hide leather. Also available with casters for the home-office. Compact and modern line.

  • Poltroncina su panca d'attesa per ufficio Linea M con sedile e schienale in polipropilene bianco

    Linea M

    Starting from €226.71

    Linea M waiting room bench with seats in various models also available with writing pad or side table. Bar with 1 to 5 seats.

  • Poltrona per sala d'attesa ufficio Oreotto con braccioli portanti in metallo cromato


    Starting from €504.01

    Oreotto waiting area chair and sofa with metal structural legs and comfort upholstered seat with ergonomic backrest which follows the lumbar curve.

  • Poltrona per ufficio rivestita in cuoio Vlad


    Starting from €804.00

    Vlad leather office chair with casters, also available in a two-seater sofa. Piece of furniture ideal for waiting rooms and elegant offices.

  • Poltrona per l'ufficio Wassily progettata da Marcel Breuer - cuoio nero


    Starting from €734.47

    Wassily office armchair designed by Marcel Breuer: design and timlesse refinement for an always modern chair.