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Open Space 1239 3D Interior Design Service 08/06/2010:

Customer Demand
I'd like to have a practical environment, playing with neutral colours like white, coffee and grey and combining wooden surfaces with opaque lacquer ones. The project must take into account the possibility of a wall, made of stone, the presence of dark oak parquet flooring and the predilection for tiles in the kitchen. My ideal kitchen is linear, with a dedicated cupboard and island. In the living room I need a bookcase and a symmetric and simple wall system, without forgoing an extensible table.

Interior Designer's Opinion
we have decided to place the kitchen and the living room in this way, according to the water and gas systems. The kitchen is located in the east side and is based on a simple and linear composition, that will include a wide worktop, a 2 bowls sink, hanging wall unit endowed with draining board and a column with built-in fridge. On the opposite wall, a column with oven and cupboard will take place. In the middle you can find the island with hobs and the hanging hood, which needs a dropped ceiling or a flexible tube version because, according to the law, the hood must be placed 65 cm over the top. We recommend also a possible snack top with stool.

The living room, in the north-west side, focuses on the stone wall and includes: a sofa with chaise longue covered in fabric and a simple wall system with TV stand and wall units. These differ for types ( open compartments and drop down doors) and for finishes ( dark oak and white opaque lacquer). The wall units have been concentrated in a single area because the stone wall allows to hang them only on a plasterboard.

To completely use the environment, the interior designer has thought to demolish the two partition walls on the west side corner and to place a wide linear bookcase with open and doors compartments, to remind the wall system geometry.

Because of the environment shape as an "L", the kitchen and living room furniture run parallel to their walls. Everything converges in the middle of the room, the hall, where you can find the round extensible table; its shape aims to "bevel" the open space corners.

The predominant colours are neutral shades like coffee, for dark oak furniture,white for opaque lacquer elements or walls, and grey stone wall, sofa cover, round carpet, chromed tables and chairs structure and kitchen tiles. The colour accent is light green, a cool colour that matches perfectly with the other three shades; for this reason it has been chosen also for the furniture accessories as the lamp, cushions, chairs and curtains.

Additional Information

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