1468 Open Space

Open Space 3D design with linear kitchen in red and grey colour, sofa with ottoman and double-sided TV stand.


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Designing Open Space 1468 of 30/08/2010:

Customer's request
Starting with the kitchen layout that I already own an environment that can accommodate, if there is a need for up to six people. I like the modern style, with both glossy and matt finishes and preferably without handles. Rule rather classic style with rustic finishes. I'd rather work plans wood laminate, and a glossy finish or matte color. Foresee the possibility to move some hook-ups, as well as the existing boiler and the hood. The existing floors, albeit in perfect condition, seem difficult to pair with a new interior design, so if you need to anticipate the possibility of replacing them. I would rather re-use appliances I already have rationalized their disposal. Also I would like to stay for a modern solution, including a fabric sofa, and found not to be altogether too "cold". For this reason I would prefer light colors, even with the possible inclusion of accent colors.

Comments of the interior designer
Walking through the entrance you immediately notice the characteristic elements of the design that will develop in the following environments, both as regards its design and color choices made. We find a mirror with black gloss lacquered frame, coupled to a shelf in gloss red: its narrow width can accommodate small items necessary for daily use without exceeding the dimension of the projection of the wall.
Continuing along the wall, was placed a hanging bookcase which, thanks to its characteristics, brings out the amplitude of the transition to the relaxation area.

By lowering the ceiling of the entrance area, living room you have just arrived in the perception of a more airy environment that develops in pairs two-tone red and gray glossy lacquer. This choice of color makes it possible to better integrate the new design with existing finishes, which will be well maintained.
Varying shades of colors you choose, but keeping the proportions proposals, the quality and characteristics of the environment will remain in line with the basic idea of ​​the project.
The linear sofa in gray fabric makes it more flexible use of space thanks to the mobility of the ottoman that suits different needs of positioning. The use of a more rigid element would have in fact reduced the useful space of the relaxation zone considerevolomente decreasing the usability of the environment.

The double-sided composition is ideally united to the portion of masonry projecting in the center of the open space, thanks to the color gray horizontal volume, combined with the red vertical one. The color accent wall makes the room warmer and the trough allows to separate the sitting area from the kitchen while maintaining visual continuity.

The cabinet, on the side of the relaxation area provides a base deep drawer and a flap: in addition to space for television, there are also two shelves in high gloss red for books and DVDs, in the same color of the wall d 'support. On the opposite side there are two bases instead to door and a drawer, to offer greater storage capacity.

The freestanding refrigerator, is enhanced by its location that makes it immediately visible from the entrance to the open space. The gray and red lacquered concentrated in the cupboards, are proportionate and attractive than the existing flooring.
The wall ends with the column oven (traditional and microwave) and one used as a pantry, thanks to the concentration of functions that allow the cooking area to be wider and more usable.
In the west wall is maintained the existing position of the hood, while the boiler was moved in adherence to the wall south. The transfer of this important volume, allows to exploit the hob which is more shifted with respect to the wall, providing greater freedom of movement.
The work tops in the kitchen are all made of laminated beech finish that matches both the gray color accent.
The extendable table with frosted glass top polished, has an aluminum frame and allows it to be adapted to the different needs, while maintaining a small footprint. The chairs, full leather, provide a dual role as both functional and aesthetic ideal in open spaces.

Proposed Furniture
- Mirror Botero
- Bookworm
- Desktop Tower
- Nina chair
- Table magician
- Bases and cupboard stay Day

Additional Information

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