Pop Small Chair
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Pop small coloured chair by Magis designed by Enzo Mari; extremely light and coloured.


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Chair Pop is a colorful chair for children designed by Enzo Mari and included in the collection from Magis Me Too dedicated to the world of childhood. The chair is made entirely of sintered expanded polypropylene, better known as Styrofoam.

colorful chair for children
Available in 3 bright colors,
chair lightweight and easy to move
is perfect for the bedroom and for the asylum

- 30 cm p.33 h.55
Seat height: 30 cm

Materials and Finishes
- Sintered expanded polypropylene

Interior Designer's Opinion

L'Opinione dell'Arredatore
La Seggiolina Pop soddisfa sapientemente tutti i bisogni di cui necessita una sedia per bambini. Progettata dal celebre designer Enzo Mari nel 2004 per Magis pesa solamente 1,2 Kg, enorme vantaggio che permette il facile trasporto della Seggiolina Pop.
Durante la progettazione nessun particolare è stato lasciato al caso, con il perfetto studio del materiale per la realizzazione del prodotto: il polipropilene espanso, infatti, garantisce un'ottima resistenza alle azioni a cui potrebbe essere sottoposta la sedia in asili, scuole o in casa.

Additional Information

Area of Production
This product is only available in multiples of four
Number of Packages
1,2 Kg
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Enzo MariEnzo Mari
Enzo Mari (Novara, 1932) is universally considered one of the biggest design theoretician. He attended literature and art studies at the Academy of Fine Arts of Brera from 1952 to 1956 while broadening studies on visual perception psychology. After university he started right away to work in the industrial design field.
Mari applied to his works his personal studies on the perception and on the social aspects of design: its function in everyday life and the role of designers in the industrial process. Designers, according to Mari, shouldn't just create beautiful objects with pleasant shapes: the functional aspect is essential together with the efficiency of the project, the material used and the production process; poetry can't exist without method.
He joined the avant-guard design movements by supporting and joining the Programmed and Kinetic Art Movement, during that period he elaborated his own design theory and won in 1967 the "Compasso d'oro" prize. He also taught in the Faculty of Architecture and Design at Politecnico University in Milan and he was president of the Industrial Design Association; Mari's works are displayed in the main art and design museums of the world.


Magis history has been characterized by winning products acclaimed by critics, mass media and public.

The Venetian company was born in 1976 and in few years it astonished the market with original furniture pieces, up-to-date materials and innovative techniques.
1984 is the year of Step ladder. Initially it was completely ignored by the design field judged not worthy of a furniture store; in the following years this judgement turned out to be completely wrong since Magis sold a million copies of this ladder becoming one of their most acclaimed classic piece coming with a design which has been copied worldwide by top manufacturing companies.
The 90s welcomed new famous co-workers such as the designer Jasper Morrison, who created classic iconic products which appear now inside museums such as MoMa, New York. Lyra stools and Bombo, the extraordinary success of Stefano Giovannoni, were created during those years. From this moment on, the multiple Magis achievements brought them to display their own products in the most famous contemporary art museums: London, Hamburg, New York.
Since 2000, the year of Air-Chair designed by Morrison, Magis has been producing furniture items made of plastic or recyclable / recycling materials and using techniques such as gas injection or rotational moulding. In 2004 Me Too collection was born, a collection designed for children from 2 to 6 years. Many of these products won and still win several internation prizes such as Compasso d'Oro in 2011 for Steelwood Chair, a project by Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec.


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