Rocket contemporary pendant lamp, also available in other models. Funny shape reminding a light bulb.


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Rocket is a hanging lamp Modern Collection Lumiere, also available in wall, in ceiling, table and floor lamps. The lamp is composed of three layers: a central layer sandwiched between two transparent foils thinner colored. The bulb is visible in the center of the speaker that follows the shape of the bulb and it proposes the outline, creating a sort of frame.

Available in different designs, sizes and colors
nice shape reminiscent of a light bulb
original and modern, perfect for environments extravagant and eccentric
bulbs included

Materials and Finishes
- Opal PMMA (polymethylmethacrylate)
- Polished chrome metal

Technical study

Specifications and Equipment
Bulb Model applique small, small Ceiling, Pendant Small, Small table: E14, fluorescent, 1, lighting output equal to 60W
Bulb Model granda sconces, ceiling great, great suspension, floor, table large: E27 screw, energy-saving incandescent, 1, with lighting output equal to around 100W
Bulb 2-light ceiling light Model: E27 screw, energy-saving incandescent, 2, with lighting output equal to around 100W
Bulb Model 3 lights ceiling light: E27 screw, energy-saving indandescent, 3, with lighting output equal to around 100W

The included light bulbs can be replaced with other models which can be easily found in stores coming with the same screws indicated above.


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Specifications common to all models:

Certificate of Compliance with Directive 89/336 and Directive 73/23 EEC. The devices are manufactured in accordance with EN 60598.

Luminaire suitable for mounting on normally flammable surfaces.

Apparatus suitable for use with energy-saving bulbs.

The IP prefix is ​​followed by two numbers: the first resistance to the penetration of solids, depending on the resistance to penetration by liquids.

To the suspension model and fixture single:

A machine with double insulation and / or reinforced in every part.

Compliance Certification for the U.S. and Canadian markets.

For the model wall and ceiling lights in 2:03:

Luminaire suitable for grounding.

Compliance Certification for the U.S. and Canadian markets.

For the model table and floor lamps:

A machine with double insulation and / or reinforced in every part.

Caratteristiche Tecniche







Additional Information

Area of Production
Easy Assembling
da 0,8 Kg a 8,5 Kg
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This lamp is the result of the experience and creativity of a Venetian company that has been a leader in the lighting sector for over 50 years. Glass is undoubtedly the most precious and important component of this collection, which stands out in particular for its skilful use of Murano glass. The craftsmanship allows the creation of unique designer lamps and chandeliers, true objects of interior design.
Technical department and designers collaborate constantly. The exploration of new production horizons is not limited to shapes but also extends to materials. Glass remains the most important and precious component, but there are also fabrics, polycarbonate, resins and steel.
High quality, lines that range from tradition to innovation, collaboration with the best master glassmakers trained in Murano make this company a flagship in 100% Made in Italy production.
Modern table lamps, pendant lamps and wall lamps made of blown glass

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