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Roma rectangular table with marble base with a strong and elegant style. Available fixed or extending.


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Roma is a unique table with a strong character that denotes an extreme design and aesthetic research. The design of the legs, available in marble or wood, and the slender extension mechanism fully characterize the product.
The top, fixed or extendable, is in wood (with different finishes available).
In the extending version, the extension mechanism is very easy to use and determines the extreme practicality and elegance of the table. The combination of the two extremely valuable materials creates an essential but of great character table. It is available in various versions and finishes with materials carved by skilled masters.

fixed or extending table
slim thickness and solid wood details
the extensions for extending versions are stored in a dedicated bag (included)
different top and legs finishes available (high quality wood and marble)
unique item with a perfect balance between aesthetic and functional design
elegant and essential style

Materials and Finishes
- lacquer
- wood
- marble
- lacquer
- wood

Interior Designer's Opinion

What make Roma table stand out are its details. The wooden top, available in four different wood types, has a 45° cut thin edge, which gives the top special value and greater visual lightness. The cut along the entire width of the table allows to easily extend it. A functional purpose that perfectly integrates with the aesthetics of the table, since by pulling this section the support structure for the extensions appears. Roma table base is composed of four legs and a thin support structure for the top. The alternation of rectangular and triangular shapes with rounded corners is the real strength of this product with a bold design. The wide selection of different materials combinations allows to give the table different looks. Next to marbles, Roma table becomes a product particularly suitable for modern and sober environments, wood, a traditional material, can instead give the table a more modern style or a classical one (to be precise, when used with darker woods).

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This article is manufactured by a Venetian company, which has been creating pieces of furniture with a refined and innovative Italian design for thirty years and exporting it worldwide. The attention for details, the trends and modern shapes are the characteristics upon which the handicraft items of this company are designed and created. Each product is thought, designed and manufactured in Italy. Starting from the tradition of classical furniture, in which field this company took its first steps, the products have been evolving in furniture items characterized by an essential, volatile, almost evanescent design as to shapes and colours. These items take inspiration from natural shapes and they materialize in fluid and original lines, which are suitable to furnish a young and contemporary house..
Modern living room furniture: tables, chairs, coffee tables, console tables, bookcases, storage units

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