Armchair Beds

Armchair beds: comfort, design and convenience

Armchair beds are available with single or large single mattress and they can be upholstered in fabric or faux-leather. They represent great space saving solutions, perfect to welcome a guest for small periods of time. Find out our online collection, customise the finishes, place the order through our portal and wait for your armchair bed to be delivered.

  • Benny upholstered armchair bed in fabric

    Chair Bed

    Starting from €2,128.88

    Benny modern upholstered armchair bed in fabric; transformable into a bed or chaise longue with simple gestures.

  • Magica armchair bed in different fabric colours

    Chair Bed

    Starting from €1,913.60

    Magica armchair bed in different fabric colours; including mattress and optional cushion.

  • Poltrona letto Nuovo Arturo - Versione con braccioli, piedini e ruote in legno faggio

    Nuovo Arturo
    Chair Bed

    Starting from €1,925.56

    Nuovo Arturo armchair bed with adjustable back. Available in two versions with removable cover in fabric or eco-leather.

Situations where chairs into beds solutions might be just what you need.

How many times you planned a weekend at your holiday home and you invited more guests that your house can hold? Some them can use the sofa bed, others might just sleep on the floor. In these occasions, an armchair that opens and turns into a single or large single mattress is able to offer a comfortable enough extra place to sleep. Or, imagine you have a spare room where you store all those items you don't need everyday but that still has an empty corner; well then, furnish it with a comfortable and folding chair to bed, covered in fabric or faux leather. The room will be definitely used more. Lastly, you have a wisely furnished one-room flat but sometimes you really wish to invite a friend over to spend the night? Choose a design armchair bed for your living area, upholstered with a trendy coloured fabric and combine great taste with convenience.

The hidden mechanism of sleeper chairs

In order to turn an armchair into a single bed, the opening mechanism usually uses a foam mattress as a seat and back cushion. The seat can be flipped and the backrest reclined, in this way you obtain a proper surface to sleep on. In other cases there's a metal frame that composes the structure of the armchair that can be quickly transformed into a proper bed. In these types of armchair beds you can choose an upholstery cover in fabric or faux-leather, quilted or smooth that works as a sort of "hood" and that must be removed when you use them as a bed.