Stringhe creative modular carpet made up of several parts connected with laces, which can be reassembled as desired.


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String is a creative modular carpet that can be reassembled in different shapes thanks to its laces.The carpet is designed by Natalia Pepe and made ​​of hand-woven hemp. The carpet is made up of several parts tied together with laces going through metal rings as if they were shoe laces. The peculiarity of this carpet is that one can untie the laces and rearrange the carpet according to their wish.

- cm 150 x 250
- cm 200 x 200
- cm 200 x 250
- cm 200 x 300
- cm 300 x 400

- carpet base: 100% hemp
- strings: nautical ropes
- metal rings

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Natalia Pepe
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Natalia PepeNatalia Pepe
Natalia Pepe is a designer with a contemporary taste and an eye to the past. She has chosen to live in Pianello Val Tidone, among the vineyards of Piacenza hills, but she has never forgotten her country, Argentina. In Milan she started loving design and in Barcelona she found herself in a young and dynamic environment. From this mixture of cultures arises her creativity. Research, curiosity, energy, femininity combine together transforming thoughts in harmony of shapes, colours and materials without renouncing to functionality. She has opened a showroom in Pianello Val Tidone, where her workshop is set, and another one in Barcelona in collaboration with hop! design. She deals with design and the realization of internal and external spaces.


The company, manufacturing this rug, is located in the area of Piacenza and is a leader in selling modern rugs. The research on new materials, colours and patterns allowed this company to satisfy promptly a very sophisticated target audience and to anticipate the trends in the rug business.
The wide offer of this company features products which are knotted, hand or machine woven. All the rugs of this collection distinguish themselves for the excellent quality-price ratio.

Modern patterned rugs for living rooms and bedrooms