California Wall Panels
Wall Panelling

California is a system of wall panels, available both upholstered or in wood, which can be combined with bed frame and shelving unit from the same line.


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California collection includes a system of wall panels for the bedroom available with pieces in wood or upholstered as well as shelving units that can be matched with bed frames and storage units. Panels and shelving units are modular and they can be freely matched together by creating different layouts according to the tastes, needs and space available.
More in details the system comes with: headboard wall panels to build the headboard of California bed frame, modular panels to use independently or to complete the headboard by adding pieces on the sides as well as horizontal or vertical shelving units working as open boxes or extra shelves.
The same modularity of the panels can be found on California storage units too: bedside tables and drawers to integrate into the wall panelling system or to combine inside the bedroom.
Upholstered panels can be chosen flat or rounded, covered in faux leather or leather; wooden panels and shelving units are available in wood veneer or matt lacquered.
The panels and storage units are supported by a pierced back panel which can also be equipped with a LED system running along the perimeter in order to create a charming lighting effect.

modular wall panels available upholstered or wooden
headboard wall panels to complete California bed frame
wooden or lacquered shelving units to integrate to the wall panelling
coordinated storage units available from the same collection.

Models and Measurements
- flat upholstered panels: cm 2,7
- rounded upholstered panels: cm 7
- wooden panels: cm 2,5
- distance from the wall: cm 2,7 (back panel for brackets and fastening of the panels)
- shelving units: cm 22,5

Materials and Finishes
- wood veneer
- matt lacquer
- faux-leather, leather (not removable cover)

Technical study

Technical Specifications and Equipment

It is possible to feature wooden panels with a slot for outlet and switch (not included). The slot is arranged for 4 positions (like 2 switches and 2 Italian outlets or 2 switches and a Schuko outlet) placed at 9 cm from the lower border and 10 cm from the side of the panel, for square or horizontal rectangular panels you can choose the left or right side, whereas on the vertical panels it will be placed on the right. If your wall outlet is placed in a different position you can have the cables pass between the wall and supporting panel up to the slot on the panel.
Wall panels can also be equipped with a LED back light with an anodized aluminium strip measuring 22 mm h.15 mm with opal finished case in polycarbonate and 4000 K LED light applied on the horizontal or vertical side of the supporting panel. This system generates a suffused light. You can also include a 50 W (max) power supply; the lighting system connects directly to the domestic electric system.

Additional Information

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The company, producing this article, is a furniture manufacturer born in the late 60ies in the Pordenone area. From the beginning of the second half of the 80ies, the company began to step into the international market by opening the International and North America branch.
The research for quality and the determination with which, this company has committed itself to reach top qualitative standards, have led it to have a competitive position in Italy, Europe and all around the world.
Thanks to the 45.000 m² surface dedicated to the production, this company is able to offer 150 furnishing programmes which comprehend the living area and the night area, an extremely wide range of materials and a lot of possibilities of customization.

Modular furniture items for the living and the night area

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