Way tailored wooden shelf available shaped or linear in different widths. Wide range of measurements and finishes.


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Way is a tailored wooden shelf available shaped or linear in different widths.
The wide range of finishes available guarantees a textured and chromed customization. Additionally, Way gives the possibility to include the furniture complement LED lighting.

tailored shelf with suspended wall-mounted positioning
linear version available with thickness 6 cm for sideboard use
optional functional lighting with spotlight or LED bar
accurate shaping of the shelf with left or right direction

Thickness: cm 3 / 6
- linear (cm th.3): cm 27 / 42 / 57 / 72 / 87 / 117 / 147 / 177 / 207 / 237
- linear (cm th.6): cm 90 / 120 / 150 / 180 / 210 / 240 / 270 / 300
- shaping (cm th.3): cm 117 / 147 / 177
- linear: cm 33
- shaped: cm 33 (min) / 42,6 (max)
- 10 Kg to the linear meter

Materials and Finishes
Shelf cm th.3:
- melamine
- matt lacquer on laminate
- matt lacquer
- veneered wood
Shelf cm th.6:
- matt / glossy lacquer
- veneered wood

Info for your Purchase
The shelves with LED lighting do not allow the Tailored Reduction on Width.

Technical study

led spotlight: cm 21 to 4000K of 3,5 W for sideboards with thickness cm 3 (hole with thickness of the sideboard for cable bushing). Possibility to add the power supply 220-240/24V for a maximum of 6 spotlights.
Device in class III suitable for the assembly on normally flammable surfaces, in accordance with directives 2006/95/CE and 2004/108/CE and to the next changes. Protection class from the electric shock: II. The connection to the circuit to the ground is not necessary.
led bar: collection kit with power supply for sideboards with thickness cm 6. The LED bar is positioned to cm 0,5 from the back edge and to the center on length of upper or lower surface of the sideboard.

Tip for the Assembly
The responsibility of the complement assembly is to load of the buyer who must value the wall resistance. The stability and the reach of the elements fixed to the wall are guaranteed by a correct assembly and by the respect of the indications reported.

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