Modular Bookcase

Byron shelving bookcase composed of rods. Customisable with shelves, storage drop-down compartments, baskets or chest of drawers.


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  • with shelves
  • with shelves and hanging chest of drawers with two drawers - +€282.90
  • with shelves and hanging basket - +€212.18
  • with shelves and hanging drop down door - +€325.34

From €587.49


Byron is a shelving bookcase composed of rods and storage solutions, which can be tailored in height and is perfect as a two-sided partition bookcase. This highly-customisable bookcase can be equipped with linear shelves in melamine and glass, drawers, storage compartments, or hinged doors so that you can alternate between open and closed spaces.
Byron is a great way to furnish a wall, particularly in the floor-to-ceiling version. This option comes with a special type of rod for sloped ceilings, which also allow you to extend original compositions upwards.

modular bookcase with custom height
linear shelves in melamine and glass in various colours and effects
suspended storage element, to be attached to the wall if 82 cm in width
rods in silver anodised aluminium or in painted metal in various colours
ideal for modern living rooms as wall system or as a partition bookcase in the centre of a room
It does not require the attachment of the rods to the floor: ideal also for under-floor heating

Composition Width: variable from cm 60
Height: variable up to a maximum of cm h.307
Shelf Depth:
- melamine: cm d.36 / 50
- glass: cm d.36
Storage Element Depth: cm d.50
Storage Element Height: cm 37

Materials and Finishes
- melamine
- glass
Storage Element:
- melamine
- aluminium

Information for your Purchase
To create your own Byron bookcase it is necessary to add one element at a time to the Basket.
The shelves are available in melamine with a depth of cm d.36 and cm d.50 or in glass with depth cm d.36; storage element with drawers, basket and drop down door exclusively with depth cm d.50.

Technical study

Measurements Specifications
Floor / Wall Rod: cm 3 d.5,4 h. up to cm 300. The part for the attachment to the wall has a variable depth according to the shelves depth.
Floor / Ceiling Rod: cm 3 d.5,4 h. up to cm 300
- width: cm 54 / 81
- depth: cm d.36 / 50
- thickness: cm thk.2 (melamine) / cm thk.1 (glass)

Technical Specifications and Equipment
Rods: realised in silver or painted anodised aluminium. The lateral body is without holes and is apt to attach the shelves support in zamak for the attachment of shelves and storage compartments. They are equipped with adjustable feet: the range is of 1 cm; the version with floor / ceiling rods has an attaching linchpin to the ceiling that is adjustable in the range of 1 cm.
The rods are equipped with a wall attachment which is safe and invisible. They are fixed to the wall or to the ceiling while they stay standing on the floor. In the floor / slanted ceiling version the rods are equipped with a part which can be adjusted: its tilt can be adjusted through a wheel and the rod can be adapted to every ceiling.
Linear Shelves: manufactured in melamine or glass; they are equipped with 2 supports in metal matching the rods.
Storage Element: chest of drawers in the model of 2 drawers, basket (both with total pull out system and soft close system with anti-fall block) and soft close drop down door. All storage elements are proposed in a depth of cm d.50 and height cm h.37 with standard width, they do not include custom cuts. These can be manufactured in white, charcoal grey or pearl cloth effect melamine to be matched to the shelves' finish equipped with polished aluminium or white lacquer. For the wall mounted version we provide 2 metal supports to attach the rods and one L shaped metal piece to attach the storage element to the wall too (Width cm 81). The Supports and the L shaped element come in a colour matching the rods.

Assembly Tips
The rods are to be attached to walls or ceilings in walling through screws and the other parts included in the packages. They can also be attached to plasterboard walls: in this case the right screws and attaching parts must be bought separately.
To attach the floor / wall rods are necessary 10 cm in height to use the screwdriver in all comfort.

Additional Information

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Assembling Instructions
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