Alaska Pacific
Wardrobe with Glass Doors

Alaska wardrobe with mirror doors. Sides in several finishes, 3 models of handles and fronts also in frosted or high gloss glass.


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Alaska is a wardrobe with mirror doors, customisable with contrasting sides which are available in a wide range of finishes to satisfy all types of aesthetic tastes.
Fronts, other than in mirror finish, are available in different frosted or high gloss glass finishes; furthermore they are equipped with convenient handles decorated with a metal outline proposed in 3 models and measurements: Central cm h.26, Low cm h.110 or High which go along the whole height of the door.

modular wardrobe with mirror doors, frosted or high gloss glass
metal handles in several matt and metallic colours
perfect also for a use as a hallway cabinet
available in 21 widths, 2 depths and 3 heights

Width: from cm 47,5 to 402,5
Height: cm 223,6 / 239,6 / 255,6
- wardrobe: cm 46,2 / 62,2
- structure: cm 43,5 / 59,5
- internal structure: cm 41,5 / 57,5

Materials and Finishes
- frosted / high gloss glass
- mirror
- matt lacquer on laminate (horizontal grains)
- matt / high gloss lacquer
- wood veneer (horizontal grains for all veneers except heat-treated oak that comes with vertical grains)
Internal Side:
- melamine
Handle with Outline:
- matt lacquered / metallic metal

Information for your Purchase
Each cm 46,2 deep element includes an internal shelf; each cm 62,2 deep element includes an internal shelf and 2 rods for clothes.

Technical study

Materials Specifications
Sides, partitions, bottom, top, backs: made with E1 class particle wood panels with low formaldehyde emission.
Doors: made with E1 class particle wood panels with low formaldehyde emission; melamine layer with thickness cm 2,1 + 0,4 thick glass, internal side lacquered in matt finish with the same colour of the glass.

Techical Specifications and Equipment
Sides and partitions: cm 2,5 thick. Sides: ABS edge for textured finishes and lacquers, in wood for veneers. Partitions: ABS edge matching the internal finish. Included adjustable feet, adjustable by 1,2 cm.
Top and bottom: cm 3,5 thick. ABS edge matching the internal finish.
Back panels: cm 0,8 thick.
Internal shelves: cm 3,5 thick. ABS edge matching the internal finish.
Rod for clothes: rectangular xm 3 x 1, in Titanium painted metal (for natura loto, linen textured or medium elm internal finish) or Brown (for taupe loto, terra loto or dark elm internal finish).
Doors: cm 2,6 thick. In case of couple of doors, the handle is always on the right door; the left door comes with pvc edge in smoked transparent colour. Each door comes with soft closing system and 94° opening; in the cm 35 element the soft closing system is fixed on the top part. For 239,6 and 255,6 cm high doors there are 6 hinges whereas for cm 223,6 doors there will be 4 hinges.

Usable internal height:
- for cm h.223,6 wardrobe: cm 216,6
- for cm h.239,6 wardrobe: cm 232,6
- for cm h.255,6 wardrobe: cm 248,6

Side Holes
Sides and partitions come with fixed holes every 9,6 cm. For the detailed measurements please have a look at the scheme inside the picture gallery.

Assembling Tips
To assemble the structure you need:
- cm 3,5 in width
- cm 2 in height (cm 5 in case you add LED bars, in order to place the power supply on the top)

In cm 46,2 deep wardrobes, at least 2 compartments come with a bracket for wall fastening, for safety reasons. Also cm 62,2 deep wardrobes come with a bracket for at least one compartment to be used when needed. The anti-tip bracket comes with spacer that allows the use even if you have a skirting board (max 15 mm thick).

Additional Information

Area of Production
Medium Assembling
Assembling Instructions
Scarica le Istruzioni di Montaggio
Cubic Metres
from 0,21 to 1,14 m³
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The company, producing this article, is a furniture manufacturer born in the late 60ies in the Pordenone area. From the beginning of the second half of the 80ies, the company began to step into the international market by opening the International and North America branch.
The research for quality and the determination with which, this company has committed itself to reach top qualitative standards, have led it to have a competitive position in Italy, Europe and all around the world.
Thanks to the 45.000 m² surface dedicated to the production, this company is able to offer 150 furnishing programmes which comprehend the living area and the night area, an extremely wide range of materials and a lot of possibilities of customization.

Modular furniture items for the living and the night area

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