Create your custom-made Walk-in Closet

Create your custom-made Walk-in Closet is simple but you need time and some basic pieces of information: first of all, you need the exact measurements of the space in which you want to place the walk-in closet, together with a basic idea of your budget.
In addition, as all Easy and Joyce walk-in closets product cards come with downloadable pdf with the depiction of all their elements, if you equip yourself with scissors, sheets, a ruler and a pencil you will be able to download, print and cut these pieces to create a model of your custom-made walk-in closet.
In this page we are going to show step-by-step how to choose each single element of your walk-in closet among the models available in Player,  Easy and Joyce

Let's consider some modular walk-in closets.

Measurements and Budget
Below we are going to simulate the purchase of three walk-in closets with three different budgets, taking into consideration the same space availability: a wall with a width of cm 310 and a standard height of cm 270.
We remind you to calculate also the depth, especially if you want to place the walk-in closet against a wall which is perpendicular to a window or a door.
After estimating the measurements of the space in which we want to place the walk-in closet, we have defined three budgets: the first below € 900,00, the second between € 900,00 and € 1.500,00 and the third ranging from € 1.500,00 up to a maximum of € 2.000,00.

Shapes and Style
Player is a more traditional and compact walk-in closet, made up of modular elements, which are equipped with sides, bottoms and tops, which make it similar to a traditional wardrobe without doors. Player also represents the best money-saving solution.

Easy is a modular young and modern walk-in closet which can be hanged onto the wall without covering it entirely; it gives you the opportunity to arrange the pieces as you desire and to assemble them at any height.
This is made up of panel elements with shelves, available at 3 heights up to a maximum of cm 240.

Joyce is the most neat of the three models and it comes with full-height panels which have to be wall fastened with totally invisible racks. The resulting composition is undoubtedly the most refined one. Joyce offers a higher degree of customization: In comparison with Easy and Player the costs for this walk-in closet are slightly higher.

What should I do once I am on website?
Inside website click on "Wardrobes and Closets" category and then choose "Walk-in Closets" sub-category.
In order to define the structure of your walk-in closet, click on the chosen model from the menu enlisting the available collections. By doing this you will only display the structures of the walk-in closets, without their pieces of equipment, which you can choose after defining the desired measurements and elements of the walk-in closet.
In case you want to look at the optional Internal Equipment we suggest you a multi-tab navigation in order to have everything at one click.
When you open the product cards we suggest you to look at them in their entirety. By looking at the schemes inside each product card you can get an idea of the measurements of the available elements and the possible configurations. Among the photos you can view examples of the models you can choose.

Player Walk-in Closet
Inside Player walk-in closet product card it is possible to create the structure in three simple steps:
1. from “Walk-in Cabinet Width" drop-down menu we select a width of 295,6 cm, which is made up of three elements of 95,2 cm;
2. we choose a height of 255 cm;
3. finally we choose a White Decor Melamine finish.

We add the structure to the Quote.
We move to the Internal Equipment page, select Player collection and click on Player Chest of Drawers of cm 95,2 with three White melamine drawers, and then we add it to the Quote.
In two simple steps we have arranged a 3-element walk-in closet, which serves the purpose of a six-door wardrobe, equipped with shelves, clothes hangers rods and a chest of drawers.
The whole configuration has a cost of € 869,00 with a saving of  € 320,00 compared to the original price.
Player walk-in closet  

Easy Modular Walk-in Closet
The choice of Easy modular walk-in closet can be slightly more complex.
In actual fact it is a matter of space organization and arrangement of the available elements. The schemes perfectly show the available measurements and models.

Easy is available with elements coming in:
- three heights: H.48 – H.96 – H.240
- two widths: cm 66 – cm 86

It is necessary to decide how to divide the wall of 306 cm. For our simulation we have chosen a 86 + 66 + 66 + 86 composition for a total of 304 cm.
Easy also offers a floor bench which is suitable to arrange an additional shelf but also to create a some kind of frame to separate the wardrobe from the floor.
We add to the quote two floor benches with a width of 152 cm.

Starting from the left we have:
- element cm 86 with a 4-drawer floor standing Easy Chest of Drawers upon which we place a Easy H.48 panel element with model A shelves
- element cm 66 with Easy H.240 F model column element with five shelves
- element cm 66 with two H.48 B model panels
- element cm 86 with two H.48 B model panels
This modern and functional composition costs € 1.344,00: € 497,00 less compared to the original price.

Easy Walk-in Closet

Joyce Walk-In Closet with Rack
The structure of Joyce walk-in closet with rack is made up of full-height panels equipped with shelves, clothes rods and racks. Joyce as well as Easy offers elements with a width of cm 66 and cm 86 but it is available in more heights:
- H. 226
- H. 239
- H. 255
- H. 291

By choosing Joyce H.255 it will be possible to create a 66 + 66 + 66 + 86 composition. To the total width it is necessary to add some centimetres which vary according to the placement of each element (in a left, right, centre or independent position). In the product car the exact extra measurements are clearly indicated under "Placement" label.
In this case we will have a walk-in closet of 296,75 cm.

Starting from the left we have:
- element cm 66 C model with two shelves and two clothes hanger rods.
- element cm 66 C model with two shelves and two clothes hanger rods
- element cm 66 H model with six shelves
- element cm 86 A model with two shelves and one clothes hanger rods on the upper shelf; under the inferior shelf we place a Joyce chest of drawers with 4 drawers.

All these elements can be easily purchased from Joyce H.255 product card. The floor bench and the chest of drawers come in independent product cards.
This beautiful and fully equipped walk-in closet is available for € 1.950,00 with a saving of € 721,00 compared to the original price.

Joyce walk-in closet

The prices indicated in this page are to be understood with reference to the release date of this text; therefore, they can be subject to variations.
Please contact our Customer Care for further information and assistance.