Bathroom Cabinets

Bathroom cupboards and cabinets

Browse our online selection of bathroom storage units to keep your laundry room always clean and tidy. You just need to equip one wall with a cupboard that hides the washing machine, a low cabinet for the detergents as well as a chest of drawers with casters to have a fully functional bathroom with all the necessary to wash clothes and linen. Get inspired by our ideas and create the most convenient layout for you while always keeping an eye on the style.

  • Atlantic bathroom vanity with 1 drawer lateral cabinets cm 35 and cm 70 in 811 concrete rustic oak veneer

    Atlantic Cabinet

    Starting from €99.50

    Atlantic modern bathroom cabinet available wall mounted or floor standing, to match the furniture from the same collection.

  • Atlantic end element with open compartments

    Atlantic End Element

    Starting from €120.40

    Atlantic end element with open compartments. Matt and gloss lacquer finishes available in a wide range of colours.

  • Pensile a giorno per lavanderia Oasis

    Oasis Laundry Open Base

    Starting from €76.62

    Laundry open base Oasis in melamine or lacquered, from 45, 60, 70 or 90 cm. Also available as L-shaped shelf with lateral side panels.

  • Mobile contenitore basso per lavanderia Oasis

    Oasis Laundry Base

    Starting from €102.49

    Laundry cabinet unit Oasis equipped with doors, drawers, deep drawers, pull-out and drop-down laundry basket. From 30 to 90 cm.

  • Mobile coprilavatrice Oasis

    Oasis Washing Machine Cabinet

    Starting from €213.93

    Washing machine cabinet Oasis from 70 cm with 2 doors, depth 51, 63 o 68 cm. Lacquered or melamine base with matching top, marble or gres.

  • Wide laundry cabinet with drawers and basket with Ponte handle

    Wide Cabinet - Laundry

    Starting from €330.00

    Wide laundry cabinet with drawers and basket in two models with handles, recess grip or push-pull. Available melamine or lacquered.

  • Wide chest of drawers with ironing board equipped with drawers, basket and drop down door

    Wide drawers with ironing board - Laundry

    Starting from €897.00

    Wide chest of drawers with pull-out ironing board is available in 7 widths with included top. With basket, 2 drawers and drop down door.

  • Washing machine cabinet for bathroom vanities of Atlantic collection

    Atlantic Washing Machine Cabinet

    Starting from €201.99

    Atlantic washing machine cabinet with two doors, and available in two different depths.

  • Atlantic bathroom trolley with drawers - 710 dark elm melamine finish

    Atlantic Trolley

    Starting from €339.30

    Atlantic bathroom trolley with drawers available in several finishes; ideal in combination with the products from the same collection.

Must-have in a laundry room: washing machine cabinet, chest of drawers and floor standing cupboard

Bathroom cabinets are necessary for a laundry area. According to the measurements and features, you can choose among several models: we can have small storage units like drawers with casters to easily move around as you please, or floor standing cupboards with doors and drawers to combine with a vanity or pre-existing layouts. If you need a space-saving furniture you can choose an element with folding ironing board, perfect to have everything close at hand just by opening a drop down door; you can also add a washing machine cabinet to close the appliance behind doors and also use the top as an extra surface. Keep in mind to choose the washing machine cabinet according to the right depth. Please make sure to consider the length of the drain pipe on the back and the position of the detergent compartment.