Office Chairs

Office chairs for desks, bedrooms and computer tables

Do not renounce a comfortable and ergonomic seat in front of the computer: with our collection of office chairs, made in Italy and adjustable in both height and tilt, you will always enjoy the right support, whether for 8 working hours in the office, studying in the bedroom or gaming.

  • Poltrona direzionale con scocca in legno Suoni rivestita in pelle

    Office Chair

    Starting from €848

    Suoni executive chair with rosewood shell. Leather, faux leather and fabric upholstery perfect for an elegant office. Maximum comfort with medium or high seatback.

  • Poltrona direzionale con imbottitura separata Aqaba che caratterizza seduta e schienale

    Office Chair

    Starting from €278

    Aqaba is a cream leather office chair with soft ergonomic seat and seat-back and upholstered armrests. Fixed or swivel version for desk or guest use.

  • Sedia direzionale con schienale in rete Expo Light completa di poggiatesta flessibile in polipropilene

    Expo Light
    Office Chair

    Starting from €396

    Expo Light executive chair with mesh transpiring back; also available with upholstered back. Adjustable lumbar support, also available as a task chair.

  • Sedia da ufficio per ospiti a sbalzo Expo Light con base in tubolare di acciaio verniciato nero

    Expo Light
    Office Chair

    Starting from €254

    Cantilever guest office chair Expo Light, with transpiring mesh backrest in 5 different colours. Also available swivel and adjustable in height.

  • Poltrona da ufficio con braccioli rivestiti Kiruna nel modello operativo girevole ed elevabile

    Office Chair

    Starting from €584

    Office chair with upholstered armrests Kiruna; available as executive, operative and task chair with cantilever base. Wrap-around design and extreme comfort.

  • Sedia da ufficio ergonomica e girevole Maeva dotata di braccioli fissi in alluminio con appoggio in poliuretano (disponibili da giugno 2018)

    Office Chair

    Starting from €299

    Maeva ergonomics office swivel chair, available also in executive and guest model. High comfort and several covers available.

  • Sedia home-office regolabile Bill nel modello con braccioli regolabili e poggiatesta in poliuretano nero

    Office Chair

    Starting from €271

    Bill home-office chair with flexible headrest; it also features height adjustable upholstered seat and lumbar support. With or without armrests.

  • Elon computer chair with mesh back, adjustable armrests in height and witdh in black polyammide

    Office Chair

    Starting from €348

    Elon computer chair with mesh back, extra comfort thanks to the soft lumbar support. It is equipped with synchronous mechanism and backrest in 3 colours.

  • Sedia da ufficio Jack nel modello con braccioli fissi mod. A e poggiatesta (base in alluminio lucido con forma "piramidale")

    Office Chair

    Starting from €258

    Jack workstation chair with medium backrest, available with 3 models of armrest. Also available with upholstered headrest.

  • Jeff task chair with synchro mechanism, mesh backrest and fixed mod.B armrests in grey polypropylene

    Office Chair

    Starting from €271

    Jeff task chair with synchro mechanism, available with low or medium mesh backrest. Seat covered in fabric and faux-leather.

  • Mark ergonomic home-office chair with medium backrest and fixed aluminium armrests

    Office Chair

    Starting from €300

    Mark ergonomic home-office chair covered in fabric, faux-leather or leather. Also available as executive or guest chair.

  • Steve comfortable office chair with adjustable headrest equipped with chromed armrests

    Office Chair

    Starting from €311

    Steve comfortable office chair with adjustable headrest, available with different armrest models. Also without headrest and armrests.

  • Steve modern upholstered cantilever chair

    Steve Cantilever
    Metal and Upholstered Chairs

    Starting from €275

    Steve modern upholstered cantilever chair with seat and back covered in fabric, faux-leather or leather. Metal armrests.

  • Sedia operativa girevoli con braccioli Lybra

    Office Chair

    Starting from €186

    Swivel task chair with armrests Lybra covered in fabric or faux-leather; base with wheels in black polyammide, painted aluminium or glossy.

  • Sedia da riunione girevole rivestita Wizard con base a disco in acciaio inox lucido

    Office Chair

    Starting from €443

    Wizard conference chair with swivel base and upholstered structure. Also available with lift up mechanism, with fixed base and sleigh legs.

Ergonomic chairs to improve your posture during the working hours

Eight working hours at your desk or a whole afternoon spent studying in front of the computer: a comfortable, high-quality chair is fundamental for our way of life, to improve posture and therefore productivity. To meet this important requirement we have created an exclusive collection of ergonomic chairs and armchairs, adjustable, with armrest and headrest. Technical fabrics and breathable backrests ensure proper heat dissipation and greater functionality over long periods, while the customisation of bases, with or without wheels, and upholstery allows you to create a chair that fully fits your aesthetic and practical requirements.

Executive chairs, elegance and comfort in the office

To furnish important desks and offices, we have included in our collection, high quality executive armchairs, characterised by enveloping armrests and backrests. Usually upholstered in leather, to transmit elegance and prestige at first glance, the executive chairs of the collection may also be customised with fabric covers of equal value, ideal to give the armchair a modern touch without affecting its quality. They are also available in an operational version for your employees, without armrests and with an adjustable backrest, for a perfectly coordinated set of chairs.