Office Chairs

Ergonomic office chairs, executive chairs for desks, kids bedrooms and computers

Find the perfect working desk chair or executive office chair for your needs. Swivel, with casters or not, with comfortable armrests, adjustable in height, ergonomic. Whether you use them for work, to study or for gaming sessions, desk chairs must be able to provide high performance and quality. The best seats for computer ergonomics always allow the correct body positioning, increasing the concentration and avoiding back and cervical aches.

  • Poltrona direzionale con scocca in legno Suoni rivestita in pelle

    Office Chair

    Starting from €661.43

    Suoni executive chair with rosewood shell. Leather, faux leather and fabric upholstery perfect for an elegant office. Maximum comfort with medium or high seatback.

  • Poltrona direzionale con imbottitura separata Aqaba che caratterizza seduta e schienale

    Office Chair

    Starting from €200.15

    Aqaba is a cream leather office chair with soft ergonomic seat and seat-back and upholstered armrests. Fixed or swivel version for desk or guest use.

  • Sedia direzionale con schienale in rete Expo Light completa di poggiatesta flessibile in polipropilene

    Expo Light
    Office Chair

    Starting from €313.54

    Sedia direzionale con schienale in rete Expo Light traspirante o imbottito. Appoggio lombare regolabile, proposta anche operativa.

  • Sedia da ufficio per ospiti a sbalzo Expo Light con base in tubolare di acciaio verniciato nero

    Expo Light
    Office Chair

    Starting from €198.43

    Sedia da ufficio per ospiti a sbalzo Expo Light con schienale in rete traspirante in 5 colori. Proposta anche girevole ed elevabile.

  • Poltrona da ufficio con braccioli rivestiti Kiruna nel modello operativo girevole ed elevabile

    Office Chair

    Starting from €413.18

    Poltrona da ufficio con braccioli rivestiti Kiruna direzionale, operativa e ospite con base a cantilever. Design avvolgente ed elevato comfort.

  • Sedia da ufficio ergonomica e girevole Maeva dotata di braccioli fissi in alluminio con appoggio in poliuretano (disponibili da giugno 2018)

    Office Chair

    Starting from €227.64

    Sedia da ufficio ergonomica e girevole Maeva proposta anche nel modello direzionale e per ospiti. Elevato comfort e numerosi rivestimenti.

  • Sedia home-office regolabile Bill nel modello con braccioli regolabili e poggiatesta in poliuretano nero

    Office Chair

    Starting from €219.90

    Bill home-office chair with flexible headrest; it also features height adjustable upholstered seat and lumbar support. With or without armrests.

  • Elon computer chair with mesh back, adjustable armrests in height and witdh in black polyammide

    Office Chair

    Starting from €260.28

    Elon computer chair with mesh back, extra comfort thanks to the soft lumbar support. It is equipped with synchronous mechanism and backrest in 3 colours.

  • Jack workstation chair with medium backrest and fixed armrests mod.B

    Office Chair

    Starting from €181.25

    Jack workstation chair with medium backrest, available with 3 models of armrest. Also available with upholstered headrest.

  • Jeff task chair with synchro mechanism, mesh backrest and fixed mod.B armrests in grey polypropylene

    Office Chair

    Starting from €213.89

    Jeff task chair with synchro mechanism, available with low or medium mesh backrest. Seat covered in fabric and faux-leather.

  • Mark ergonomic home-office chair with medium backrest and fixed aluminium armrests

    Office Chair

    Starting from €219.90

    Mark ergonomic home-office chair covered in fabric, faux-leather or leather. Also available as executive or guest chair.

  • Shield extending bench 2 - 3 seats

    Metal and Upholstered Chairs

    Starting from €731.86

    Shield extending bench 2 - 3 seats, with metal structure and wooden or upholstered seat with back. Perfect in the kitchen or a waiting room.

  • Steve comfortable office chair with adjustable headrest equipped with chromed armrests

    Office Chair

    Starting from €229.35

    Steve comfortable office chair with adjustable headrest, available with different armrest models. Also without headrest and armrests.

  • Sedia operativa girevoli con braccioli Lybra

    Office Chair

    Starting from €138.30

    Sedia operativa girevole con braccioli Lybra rivestita in tessuto o similpelle con base con ruote in poliammide nero, alluminio verniciato o lucido.

  • Sedia da riunione girevole rivestita Wizard con base a disco in acciaio inox lucido

    Office Chair

    Starting from €331.57

    Wizard conference chair with swivel base and upholstered structure. Also available with lift up mechanism, with fixed base and sleigh legs.

Working at your desk for 8 hours? Choose an ergonomic office chair

If you usually spend your full day seating at your desk, you understand perfectly well how the chair can be considered a real working tool. It has to follow certain rules to adapt to the body shape and favour the correct posture. In order to allow the right working position, the chair must be adjustable in height and it must feature a reclining backrest. This because you need to move and have the proper sitting posture in order to keep the back healthy and your blood flowing correctly. In addition to gas-piston systems to adjust the height, these working and study seats are also equipped with adjustable armrests offering an effective lumbar support able to reinforce the back. All office and home office chairs are also available with casters which are very useful for workstation chairs as they allow you to smoothly move around and reach different areas of your working desk. Lastly, choose carefully the type of seat: if you're in front of the computer for several hours it's best to opt for an ergonomic chair with a convenient and resistant technical fabric, or a backrest in transpiring plastic mesh to disperse correctly your body heat.

Are you looking for the best of the best? Have a look at our executive chairs and armchairs

If you move around different working areas and meeting rooms, if you are a manager or a director and you need the right armchair... then a leather executive chair is the perfect choice for you.
They can be equipped with various options, as for example armrests that are adjustable in height, width and depth, perfect to maintain the correct seating style and relax the arms and back when you are taking a break. The headrest is a must-have, matched with a reclining backrest: the two, together, allow to get to a semi horizontal position every time you want to relax completely.
Last but not least, if you want an upholstered managerial chair, designed to offer you the best of the comfort and aesthetically suitable for a high class office, take time to choose the colour. A white or black leather office armchair, but also grey or beige, is a classic that instantly conveys elegance and prestige.

In your kids bedrooms, comfortable chairs to study and play

How many times have you told to your kids (or someone else told you!) "keep your back straight"? Kids and college / university students spend a lot of time at their desk studying for their exams or doing homework; but not only, these days we also spend a lot of time at the computer just for fun. An ergonomic chair is perfect to avoid ruining your back and furthermore it favours the performance. In this case too, it can be extremely useful to opt for a chair with wheels or a padded armchair, possibly with adjustable backrest and armrests to adapt it to the height and body type. Armrests are essential for people that spend a lot of time working on the computer or for all those long gaming sessions: it favours the right elbow position and it avoids the wrist and neck to linger on unnatural positions for too long.
The well being of your kids is important so don't underestimate the choice of the chair for their bedroom working desk, but invest on a suitable model able to guarantee the correct support of their body from the first homework to university exams.