Hinged Wardrobes

Bespoke modular wardrobes with hinged doors: Made in Italy

Discover our exclusive collection of customisable, Italian wardrobes featuring hinged doors in glass, melamine, wood or lacquer. Whether in a linear or corner layout, select the wardrobe which best fits your space and add drawers, shelves, shoe racks, TV stands, bridge structures and more. You can even create a full-wall system with 6, 7 or more doors and reduced depth for hallways or corridors.

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Hinged-door wardrobes for every situation: from bedrooms to hallways

In this exclusive range, you will find a selection of the best Made in Italy wardrobes with hinged doors. These high-quality and aesthetically pleasing storage solutions are suitable for smaller and larger rooms, as you will find linear, full-wall, bridge and corner models in a wide range of sizes.

As well as being customisable in shape and size, these wardrobes can also be fitted with a variety of accessories. Most models allow you to adapt the wardrobe to your needs by replacing doors with drawers, deep drawers, open compartments or shoe racks. Other models offer an optional TV panel in the centre of the wardrobe with optional shelves, cupboards and drawers above and below the screen.

As these bespoke models can be customised down to the centimetre, you will find wardrobes that are also suitable for areas outside of the bedroom, such as alcoves, closet spaces, hallways or corridors. These space-saving options often have a reduced depth and compact dimensions so that they can be fitted seamlessly into their designated space.

Modular hinged wardrobes in wood, lacquer or mirrored glass: choosing the right material

Every room has its own style and tone, which is why our wardrobe catalogue offers an exclusive selection of diverse colours and finishes, from traditional to modern. A wardrobe with wooden or wood-effect melamine doors will bring a sense of natural warmth to the bedroom. Lighter hues such as fir, ash and elm are suitable for simple rooms with a Scandinavian touch, while dark or heat-treated tones such as walnut or wengé are a bolder choice with more personality.

A lacquer finish in pastel shades will help keep a room bright and airy without cluttering the field of vision too much. A bright colour, on the other hand, can create a pleasant contrast with its surroundings. Glass or mirrored doors are a trendy choice, ideal in contemporary and industrial-style contexts where glass and metal are the prominent materials.

Finally, we also offer the possibility to combine modular elements made from different materials. This dynamic and sophisticated choice allows you to create a composition of glass, wood and lacquered elements that interact with each other along one wall.