Memory Mattresses

Memory Foam and Waterlily mattresses

Discover our selection of memory foam mattresses available in a variety of sizes: single, large single, double, king size and even round. Available both with traditional memory foam or with other innovative foams such as Memory Breeze, Soy and Waterlily, a technological and antibacterial water-based material.

  • Flextech Memo

    Flextech Memo
    Memory Foam Mattress

    Starting from €329.73

    Flextech Memo breathable memory foam mattress with 9 comfort zones. Removable and hypoallergenic cover. Single, square and half, double and king size.

  • Double Memo

    Double Memo
    Memory Foam Mattress

    Starting from €353.02

    Mattress with a double layer of memory foam Double Memo with flexible foam summer side and a textured memory with quilted diamond pattern winter side.

  • Custom Foam

    Custom Foam
    Memory Foam Mattress

    Starting from €400.51

    Custom Foam is a foam mattress with customisable top layer, composed of a 18 cm layer and a 5 cm upper top in Latex, Memory or Thermo Breeze.

  • Dryflex Breeze soft breathable foam mattress

    Dryflex Breeze
    Memory Foam Mattress

    Starting from €564.48

    Dryflex Breeze is a soft breathable foam mattress with removable cover. 22 cm high, soft or firm and with 9 comfort zones.

  • ViscoTech

    Waterlily Mattress

    Starting from €564.48

    ViscoTech viscoelastic mattress with warm waterlily winter and breathable soy summer side with 9 comfort areas. Available in multiple sizes.

  • Round Memo

    Round Memo
    Memory Foam Mattress

    Starting from €1,214.08

    Round Memo Memory Foam round mattress with diamond-shaped cover with hypo-allergenic fibre.

Looking for the right memory foam mattress

Foam mattresses can be quite varied and can meet different requirements, depending on the material used. The classic memory foam mattresses offer an excellent sleeping surface which perfectly adapts to anatomical shapes and allows the spinal column to maintain a straight posture during the night, even without offering an elastic response to pressure. Other materials to consider while choosing a foam mattress are Memory Breeze, which is more breathable and less dense, or natural, non-allergenic alternatives like Soy and Waterlily.

The quality of Made in Italy memory foam mattresses

The mattresses in the collection are made in Tuscany in collaboration with a company specialised in bedding technology. An all-Italian production chain guarantees high quality standards regarding the selection of raw materials, attention to detail and continuous innovation.