Oval Rugs

Modern oval rugs

Choose your custom-made oval rug from our collection of Made in Italy accessories. Big or small, plain or colourful, bouclé or with a printed pattern: our sample book offers a wide range of finishes, colours and materials to choose from to help you find your perfect rug.

  • Aliwal custom made carpet rug by Homeplaneur


    Starting from €385

    Aliwal custom made carpet rug made by hand. Available in several shapes and many colours.

  • Anversa tailor cut one coloured rug


    Starting from €268

    Anversa tailor cut one coloured rug, available rectangular, square, round or elliptical with customisable measurements. Several colours available.

  • Baltimora soft custom made rug


    Starting from €286

    Baltimora soft custom made rug, available in several colours. Tailor cut measurements in rectangular, square, round or elliptical shape.

  • Tappeto tinta unita con bordo Bruges


    Starting from €442

    Bruges low pile rug available in 36 colours and 4 shapes. Tufted custom tailored rug made by hand.

  • Dublin handmade wool rug


    Starting from €169

    Cardiff soft high pile rug with tailor-cut measurements to the centimetre. Available in several shapes and colours.

  • Tappeto a righe in lino Cipro


    Starting from €1,509

    Cipro striped rug in linen and wool by HomePlaneur custom made in 7 colours and finished with an elegant applied edge.

  • Coimbra high pile rug


    Starting from €565

    Coimbra high pile rug custom made in 4 shapes and 18 colours. Ideal for bedrooms, living rooms, sitting rooms and offices.

  • Delhi rectangular shaggy rug


    Starting from €529

    Delhi rectangular shaggy rug available in 11 colours with different type of edges. Also available with custom measurements and with square, round and elliptic shape.

  • Dublin handmade wool rug


    Starting from €520

    Dublin handmade wool rug available in custom made sizes with square, rectangular and round shape and in 8 colours with different edge types.

  • Liverpool velvet rug with vintage bouclé effect


    Starting from €352

    Leeds printed bouclé velvet carpet available in various colours and customised sizes in square, rectangular, round or oval shapes.

  • Liverpool velvet rug with vintage bouclé effect


    Starting from €280

    Liverpool velvet rug with vintage bouclé effect. Available in many colours and customized sizes, square, rectangular, round or elliptical.

The right colour for your oval rug

Devoid of sharp edges and straight lines, oval rugs can bring softness and elegance, especially with carefully chosen colour combinations. Elliptical rugs can match the sofa upholstery, or create an interesting contrast, making the entire living room more lively. A light room will call for a dark carpet to give depth and contrast; conversely, a darker room will need a light carpet to brighten it.

It is important to take into consideration the effect one wants to convey with a larger or smaller oval rug in a given colour: in red it will bring a feel of vivacity and creativity to areas you want to draw attention to, while in grey, white or blue it will be ideal for relaxing rooms such as bedrooms or living rooms. To restore warmth and brightness to a dark space, large oval rugs in shades of beige are ideal: a natural shade, on the other hand, is perfect for furnishing more modern living rooms.