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Buy your 3D Design Service online to furnish your house: our architects and interior designers will develop customised furniture solutions for every kind of space.

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What are the advantages of our 3D Design Service?

- the convenience of buying and receiving the project by email;
- a clear and detailed report describing all the choices made in terms of design;
- the excitement of seeing a preview of your environment thanks to our photorealistic images;
- the possibility of sharing the project with everyone;
- the chance of evaluating and possibly buying all the furniture pieces in the project;

Please be reminded that diotti.com will send you an original 3D model which you can freely navigate and modify.

1. Buy: buy your service online.

2. Contact: after the purchase, fill in the form with all indications for the development of the project as well as maps and photos of the environment.

3. Development: the project is ready in a 2-4-week time; our 3D team may need to get in touch with you for further information.

4. Sending: you will receive the 3D Project by mail with a photo-realistic render image, designer's report and the optional fixtures and fittings scheme.

Some environments offer the possibility to buy the Fixtures Technical Scheme to coordinate the furniture with fixtures and fittings, electrical cables or vertical covering materials. The Fixtures Scheme is sent by email and it includes measurements and technical symbols. The position of the pipes / outlets has to be verified by a certified plumber / electrician: our assistance mainly concerns the compatibility between fixtures and furniture.

Any type of variations to the delivered project will have a cost to be quoted according to the complexity of the environment.

Technical study

Find out multiple Ideas and Solutions among the projects we already developed and imagine what we can do for your house.
Step into a 360° interactive setting thanks to SketchUp: free, simple and intuitive! Find Online all the tutorials.


A professional 3D Design service can make the difference in terms of the final outcome of your environment. Furthermore, a professional project helps you save both on fittings and on the furniture.


3D Model 3D MODEL
The 3D model is created starting from the environment plan information and details, it allows to study all the spaces and volumes of the room. While viewing the design, you can freely navigate within the environment, make measurements and move objects and elements; moreover, by printing it without texture you can also paint it in a traditional way.


Model and Colours with MaterialsSELECTION OF MATERIALS AND LAYOUT
The next step is to identify the main features of the design idea, choosing the arrangement and layout of the furniture and select the materials: everything is made by following the client's indications and requests supplied through the project form in order to follow and satisfy at best all the needs.


Photorealistic Render ImagePHOTOREALISTIC IMAGE
From the complete 3D model, we extract a high resolution photorealistic image of the space; a real preview of your future environment, picturing the completed room even before purchasing the furniture. You can also export jpg images from every desired point of view.

Additional Information

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